Radical Group Calls for “brave comrades” to support Durham Statue Topplers

Radicals Plead With "comrades" for Courtroom Support

Durham statue - Durham Monument - Comrades - Vandalism

A radical group called Defend Durham has a standing call on Facebook for “brave comrades” to show up at the Durham Courthouse next week to support communist group members facing felony charges for destroying a Confederate statue.

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Defend Durham has called for communists, social justice activists and other radicals to “do it like Durham” and commit similar acts of public property destruction across the country.

The Defend Durham Facebook invitation, in part, reads:

Hey y’all,

The courts prosecuting our brave comrades for battling the Confederacy are trying to wear us all down with delays and continuances. But we won’t stop fighting. We hope you won’t either.

We have several court dates for our comrades coming up in October and November, including two in Alamance County for two friends defending us against white militiamen there. Please mark your calendars and come support whenever you can! We’ll make separate FB events for each date, but the full schedule is below. We’ll follow up with room numbers and other specifics as they come.


The invitation states that the next hearing for “comrades” to show up for is to be held on Tuesday, December 5th.

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As of this article only, a few dozen had responded they would be attending. Respondees included Peter Gilbert, who is one of the defendants in the case facing multiple felony charges.

Another person who responded they would attend is Dwayne Dixon, who allegedly is a member of the Antifa affiliated group, Redneck Revolt.  Dixon is also a faculty member on the UNC Chapel Hill Asian Studies Department.

Dixon, who has pending weapons charges pertaining to the above photo, is also being represented by Scott Holmes. Dixon was charged by the Durham Sheriff with “going armed to the terror of the people and bringing a weapon to a demonstration.” Holmes is the same attorney representing those charged in the Durham statue case.

It was Holmes who tweeted out a claim in August about the ‘KKK coming to Durham’.

That tweeted KKK claim by Holmes later turned out to be a hoax, but the tweet drew hundreds of leftist activists like Dwayne Dixon into downtown Durham, nearly shutting down the whole city.

Holmes’ tweet was immediately retweeted by Durham Councilwoman, Jillian Johnson. Johnson has close ties to multiple social justice groups who took part in the protests.

“Our Friends” and “Comrades”

The invitation makes reference to “two friends defending us against white militiamen” in Alamance county. Those two friends are likely referring to Duke lecturer Rann Bar-on and Gregory Southall Williams. The pair were arrested during a rally in May in Graham, NC.

Bar-On and Williams were both charged with destruction to personal property in connection with the destruction of a flag of some type. Bar-on also allegedly assaulted a police officer.

According to Graham Sheriff Terry Johnson, Bar-On had taken down a flag of some kind before the rally had even begun. Bar-on had torn it from a pole and was trying to pour an unknown liquid on it. When Johnson intervened, Bar-On hit the officer with the flag pole. Bar-on’s bond was set at $11,500.

Both are members of the socialist organization, the Triangle International World Workers (IWW), and appear to have some affiliations with members of communist and anarchist groups in Greensboro and Durham such as Antifa.

Williams was also arrested in Chapel Hill in August at a Silent Sam protest. Williams was arrested on a charge of “wearing a mask/disguise in public (G.S. 14-12.3, Article 4A) and also “resisting/obstructing/delaying arrest.”

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