On Vetoes, NC’s Governor Goes 0-5

Veto - vetoesGovernor Cooper is now 0-5 on vetoes.

Yesterday, the North Carolina General Assembly overrode Governor Cooper’s veto of the two-year state budget.

The override passed the House by a vote of 76-43 on Wednesday. The Senate overrode on Tuesday.

Here is the current list of vetoes:

  1. Senate Bill 257, Appropriations Act of 2017. (Veto Overridden 6/28/2017)
  2. House Bill 467, Agriculture and Forestry Nuisance Remedies. (Veto Overridden 5/11/2017)
  3. House Bill 239, Reduce Court of Appeals to 12 Judges. ( Veto Overridden 4/26/2017)
  4. Senate Bill 68, Bipartisan Bd of Elections and Ethics Enforce ( Veto Overridden 4/25/2017)
  5. House Bill 100, Restore Partisan Elections/Sup. & Dist. Court. ( Veto Overridden 3/23/2017)


House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore said in a statement that, “The governor chose partisanship over the people of North Carolina when he rejected middle class tax cuts and a fourth consecutive teacher pay raise, but the General Assembly has delivered these priorities to North Carolinians without his support.”

“Republican legislators have doubled down on the wrong priorities for our state. I said I would sign a budget if legislators would target the income tax breaks to middle class families and invest the savings on education and job creation,” said Governor Cooper in a statement.

“Unfortunately, legislative Republicans refuse to compromise and have passed a budget that leaves middle class families behind. We must do better for our students and working families,” Cooper said.

Roy Cooper - Governor Website Stock Photo - Democrats - North Carolina
NC Democrat Governor Roy Cooper

The Governor’s office has yet to return our request to show us his math on his claim that, “A person earning $1 million or more a year will get a tax break that is 85 times larger than what a working family gets.”

Cooper ran on the promise to, “work in a bipartisan manner to strive to raise teacher pay to at least the national average.”

His statements about the education portion of budget, thus far, have been anything but bipartisan.

Cooper called the two-year budget, “irresponsible”, among other inflammatory descriptions.

Yet. while as Attorney General, Cooper aided in funneling settlement money to special interest non-profits which should have gone to public schools.  State law requires those funds be given to public education.

Conservative think-tank, Civitas, filed suit last Fall over the issue and this week won an injunction.

Cooper’s claims that education spending and teacher raises aren’t enough ring hollow.

The teacher pay plan closely mirrors that of Cooper’s proposal.

The education portion of the budget increases spending by $700 million. Of that $700 million, more than $100 Million will be put towards teacher pay increase in the first year alone.

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Other Vetoes

This is the second time a state budget had been vetoed and overridden. Both instances share occurring under a Democrat governor.

The other budget veto occurred in 2011 under former Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue. Five House Democrats joined Republicans to overturn Perdue’s veto by a 73-46 vote.

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Since he’s all about giving our money away thank goodness our Legislature keeps him on a very tight leash

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I know seriously!! Think about the damage this man could do to our state if the Republicans didn’t have a super majority!!

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