ACLU Doubles Down on False Narrative #Fakenews

Seems the  ACLU,  NC-ACLU and other organizations are still trying to bank some cash off the HB2 repeal, House Bill 142.

The truth of the matter is that the Charlotte city council was never willing to take out “gender expression” and it was a contumacious argument among lawmakers in Raleigh.

No one, not one Republican or Democrat, has ever said transpeople were a danger to public safety.   What many said was that gender expression opened the door to abuse.

Many in the trans community were willing to strike gender expression from the ordinance: Jennifer Roberts was not.   Why? It was widely known by the mayor that the NCGA would not stand for gender expression.  Some have argued the ordinance (as originally written) and the subsequent HB2 legislation was nothing more than smoke and mirrors by both parties  to raise cash for upcoming elections dating back to 2016.

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Whatever the intentions, HB2 has been muddied by false narratives, especially by the left in relation to the repeal bill HB 142.  31 Democrats, including the Governor, signed off on the repeal.  Why? Because they put the economic interests of working families before their political motivations and party loyalty. It was the right thing to do.

Before  HB 142: Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Equality NC were both taunting the AP’s figures that NC would lose billions of dollars over the next ten years because of economic boycotts. Albeit, boycotts they helped inspire and create.

After HB 142: HRC and Equality NC are now saying transgenders were sold out over basketball games.  (The NCAA gave NC a week to repeal HB2 or risk losing tournaments until after 2022.)  You can’t have it both ways. Unless, you’re still trying to raise donations off of false narratives.

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