Admiral Trump: One Tarheel’s Opinion

When Admiral Trump was piped aboard the A. P. S. (American Political Ship) Elephant he thought he was going to sea on a top notch fighting machine.

Democrat Donkey - Admiral TrumpFor nearly a decade, the A.P.S. Elephant had been winning most encounters with their rival the A. P. S. Donkey. As a matter of fact, the Donkey was so battered by its duels with the Elephant that it was almost in a derelict condition.

The Donkey had lost the Battle of the House several years ago and most recently the Battle of the Senate.

Just last year the Donkey had suffered a humiliating defeat in the Battle of the Presidency when Admiral Trump was in provisional command. In addition, the Elephant had rolled up numerous victories in skirmishes all over all over the American Ocean in actions involving legislatures, governorships and local offices.

Admiral Trump at the Helm

So, Admiral Trump took command of the Elephant confident that he had a ship that could carry him to victory in pending clashes on Healthcare, Taxes, Regulations and Border Security.

Republican Elephant - Admiral TrumpBoy, was he wrong.

He did find a well-honed crew ready to take this fine political warship into battle with the Donkey.

The crew welcomed him enthusiastically and he was buoyed by their support but then he found that the ships officers were an indifferent lot. The officers he had inherited made it seem like the Elephant was a ship of fools.

Some of the officers were resting on their oars and showed no sign they wanted to move forward. A few officers were actually conspiring to throw other officers off the boat. Others seemed to be engaged in trying to knock holes in the bottom. There were rumors that a couple of the officers had actually relived themselves in the bilges thus fouling their own ship.

Admiral Trump was astounded and alarmed by the state of the vaunted A. P. S. Elephant and set out to right the ship only find a few of the officers actually plotting to collaborate with the officers of the A. P. S. Donkey.

When Admiral Trump took command, and ordered the proud ship to sea, the crew heaved to and made ready but the officers refused to untie the ship from the dock.

They told the Admiral that it wasn’t time yet and the weather was a little rough and that they really didn’t want to test the Elephant against the Donkey. It was almost like mutiny.

Unfortunately, that’s where things still stand now. The Elephant is still at the pier collecting barnacles while now the Donkey prowls the open waters as if it owns them. Admiral Trump is dismayed and the crew is totally demoralized.

How Will It End for Admiral Trump?

It’s not for sure how this is going to end. Will the Admiral get the officers on the right course or will the officers continue to defy the Admiral?

Will the crew elect some new officers that know how to run a taut ship or will the crew simply jump ship? Will the Elephant sink at her moorings?

Will the Donkey come to rule the American Ocean because the Elephant flounders and sinks?

Submitted by Douglass E. from the Triangle area of North Carolina.  Douglass E. also penned, Opinion: Trump’s Victory and the Media Meltdown.
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