Black Friday Mayhem Across The Nation

Black Friday: It’s not just for shopping anymore, insert your protest name here ____.

Black Friday Protest

Black Lives Matter and related groups made it known they would be attempting to shut down Black Friday shopping in major cities across the county and also on Chicago’s Magnificent mile again this year.

Two main hashtags have popped up on Twitter: #CPACNOW and #BlackOutBlackFriday. Ironically, CPAC is well-known to stand for Conservative Political Action Committee, but according to the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR), their use of CPAC stands for Civilian Police Accountability Council.

In Chicago, a branch of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) promises “80 Allies” to aid in the harassing shoppers and businesses.

Triangle SURJ was responsible for organizing the recent ‘Concede McCrory’ protest that took place in front of the Governor’s mansion earlier this week in North Carolina.

Black Lives Matter has not commented nor engaged on the nearly daily shootings in Chicago. Since the start of 2016, Chicago has seen 3,998 shootings resulting in 645 deaths. Not a single Black Lives Matter protest has been held despite most of the deaths involved black citizens.

In Seattle, Washington, a Facebook page event has been set up called “BlackLivesMatterFriday 3.0 The Revolution Begins.”

The Seattle Facebook event lists a phone number for contact, which tracks back to a group called Young Voters Empowerment.

Details of the event include, “#BlackFriday Cheap Deals do NOT matter #BlackLivesMatter” and for protesters to show up at 1 pm and stay until 8 pm. The timing is curious; Most serious Black Friday shoppers are done before noon.

In New York, Shoppers at Macys were treated to protests inside store for the “Economic Shutdown 2.0.

In California, a brawl broke out at a Modesto mall.

Violence broke out in other locations, like Atlantic City, New Jersey. A man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in a Macys store parking lot. Meanwhile, in Reno, Nevada another person was shot over a parking space at a Walmart.

More incidents seemed to happen at Walmart than anywhere else this year. Video out of Illinois shows shoppers brawling in line and someone possibly fainting.

In Houston, elbows are thrown to grab merchandise and fighting ensues.

American Lens will update this article as news develops.

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