Duke Certifies Their Marxists – For a Capitalist Fee

You Can Be a Certified Duke Marxist.  Think about that.

No, this is not The Onion, a joke, nor a smear.

James Buchanan “Buck” Duke was an industrialist icon; a man who made a fortune in tobacco and textiles. He was a true capitalist that feared God, inspired faith, and was a titan of industry. He funded several of America’s great educational institutions and was a philanthropist beyond measure, but his endowment is now responsible for a program that will certify the next generation of Marxists.- Let that sink in.

James "Buck" Duke statue
James “Buck” Duke at the university campus in Durham, NC

According to a recent Duke Chronicle article, “Duke has long been known internationally as a center of Marxist thought” said Professor Michael Hardt who also said it was based partly on the faculty at the university.

Truth be known, Marxist thought coming from Duke is not a surprise to those who follow the recent news and events coming from some of the students at the institution.

Hardt is described in the article as a “professor of literature and a pre-eminent Marxist scholar, [he] has directed the Marxism and Society certificate program at Duke for several years.”

Certified Duke Marxist.  Again — Pause to think about that.

Duke Marxist - Hardt

Hardt goes on to state “I would read Black Lives Matter in that way ”” an end of white supremacist institutions and activities, including in the actions of police, prison and courts. That’s one arm of a movement toward a fuller democracy in the U.S. I find another in Occupy and another in the protests at Standing Rock.”

Hardt believes that graduating from Duke in the humanities or social sciences with a Marxist Certificate will be a great value to potential future employers. Let that statement sink in.

Hardt, a proud G8 summit protester, was once a member of the now defunct “DukeDivest”, a group who described themselves as, “concerned students, faculty, staff, and alumni calling upon Duke University to [support the crusade to] end all military ties to the state of Israel.” The group’s misinformation campaign was well-documented by local blogger KC Johnson.

As all professors must, Hardt also publishes his works. In 2000, he co-authored a book called Empire with Antonio Negri (sold at evil capitalist marketplace Amazon for about $22.00). Empire has been characterized as a modern update to Vladimir Lenin’s Imperialism.

Co-author Negri was accused of being a leader within the radical terrorist group, The Red Brigades. The group was known for trading heroin for arms and explosives with Palestinian terrorists. Negri fled to France in the late 1970’s after numerous charges were filed against him, including being a party to two counts of murder and involvement with the kidnapping of Adolo Moro – a Christian Democrat party leader and former Italian prime minister. Negri was eventually convicted and spent 13 years in an Italian jail.

The Cost of a Duke Marxist Certificate

Of course, there is no shortage of irony to this story. Duke University is a prestigious private institution with an excellent basketball coach and a highly experienced matriculating class of protesters.

Make no mistake; at roughly $64,000 a year in tuition, fees etc., this is a very privileged group. Considering the 2015 median household income in NC is $47,830 these students spend more on their books than most people will spend in gas per year.

Although scholarships will support some students, the majority are pay-as-you-go. A four-year education will cost the average Duke student more than $260,000 to graduate. If you borrow the money at 4% interest that total grows to $270,400.

So, what does a person graduating with a degree in humanities or sociology make? Well, according to Salary.com, the average social worker with a bachelor’s degree makes about $53,000 per year. Make no mistake, Social Workers perform a vital function in our society. But do they need to pay a quarter million dollars to become one? Is there a salary bonus for being a certified Marxist?

In theory it will take you a little more than 5 years to pay that back, however that means you will have to live in your mom’s basement, let your parents pay for your cell phone, all of your food, insurance costs (minus the taxpayer supplement), and give you a $10 a week allowance if you are lucky.

But hey, you can proudly display your certificate in Marxism on your bedroom wall and dream about revolution.

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