Condemnations of Kathy Griffin Pile Up. Roy Cooper Silent.

Millions of Americans have reacted in horror to comedian, Kathy Griffin, and her vile depiction of holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump in her hand.

Beyond offensive, beyond tasteless and ill-timed, Griffin has given full vent to the hate and disrespect that characterizes the Left in America today.

The tweet below shows the horrific picture Griffin displayed.

Leftist Democrat Franken has no intention of canceling his event with her, despite CNN canceling her New Years Eve co-host contract.

Even her New Year’s co-host, Anderson Cooper, has rebuked her.

National figures have stepped up and called Griffin out, but how about prominent figures here in North Carolina?

Cone of Silence on Blount Street

Roy Cooper Inaugural Address
Gov. Roy Cooper
Inaugural Address 2017

While most of America agrees that Griffin crossed the line, here in North Carolina, there has been no response from Gov. Roy Cooper regarding Griffin’s display.

No condemnation, no words of rebuke for Griffin nor any encouragement to others on respecting “the office.”

The silence from Blount Street is nearly deafening.

North Carolina’s chief executive has a track record of ignoring what others find unpatriotic.

When his senior advisor, Ken Eudy was scrutinized for saying he doesn’t stand to honor military service members, Cooper remained mum.

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The tone-deafness of holding close someone who would dishonor those who are willing to die for our freedom is almost unbelievable. But, when paralleled with Cooper’s other strong adherence to leftist ideals, it is not so hard to fathom.

Fresh on the heels of Memorial Day, a time of honor for who have given their lives protecting the freedom of all Americans, a word saying he finds the Griffin’s picture offensive or shameful would be nice to hear from Cooper.

The display by Griffin follows a lengthy array of what have been distasteful, hate-driven acts regarding Trump.

A few months ago, rapper, Snoop Dogg portrayed the President as a clown in a music video, being shot by a toy gun that had a flag with the word “BANG” come out of the barrel when fired.

Fellow rapper, Ice-T said that while he thought the overall video was good, Dogg had crossed the line by the depiction of shooting Trump.

Jessica Chasmar wrote at the Washington Times on March 14, that T said in an interview with TMZ, “I watched the video for the first time and I’m like, ”˜No you can’t point a gun at the president.”

But, Griffin went way over any line of human decency and respect.

In her apology released on Instagram Tuesday night, Griffin said, “I moved the line, then I crossed it. I went way to far.”

I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong.

A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on

Griffin is self-destructing with each passing hour, losing sponsors and having just been fired by CNN a few minutes before this writing.

Pundits are questioning her sincerity, debating if she apologized for what she did, or for the reaction to what she did.

In North Carolina, the governor, who should be setting an example for those he leads, has not yet condemned her actions.

President Trump responded on Twitter:

His wife, Melania, issued a statement:

Americans have been horrified to see innocents beheaded in videos released by ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

To depict the President of the United State in like manner is unacceptable and deserves a response from leaders, especially Democrats and leaders of leftist groups.

While accusing Christians and conservatives of hate, the Left continues to reveal itself to be the bastion of hate in America.

Look at that image one more time.

Kathy Griffin - Trump Beheading

A response from Cooper, if nothing more than admonishing respect for the Office would be welcome.

An unconditional condemnation of Griffin’s act would be better, and might help set the tone for better discourse in North Carolina between opposing parties.

Unfortunately, mum still appears to be the word from Blount Street.

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