Corruption Incorporated and the Chasm of Silence

All the Candidates Men- Clinton Incorporated

Sometimes the loudest sound during chaos is silence. As the 2016 elections draw to a close, a withering storm of political commercials, 24 hour news cycles, talk radio, and cable news are bombarding you with information overload. However, there is an unnerving absence of comprehensive reporting about what has been exposed by investigative journalists and hackers regarding the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and operatives within the Democratic National Committee.

The big news outlets have either failed or have chosen to omit comprehensive stories about the Clintons and the potential for very serious criminal acts perpetrated by more than a few shakers and movers within the Washington bubble.

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” John Wooden

In fact, CNN wants you to believe that reading WikiLeaks is illegal, and that they are the only ones qualified to tell you what the documents mean. This cavalier, looking down their nose at you type attitude is an insult to all Americans. It is a perfect example of why we started American Lens. Many news outlets believe you are not capable or worthy to question what they say, do, or what is reported.

In the coming weeks we will dig deeper and report more extensively on the inner circles of the Clintons, many of whom are some of the most valuable players within the Obama-Biden administration.

For this report, we are compiling some of the most damning and egregious allegations that Hillary Clinton will have to deal with, should she be elected President of the United States. The entire Clinton family, the Democratic Party and some of the Democratic Super PACs will most certainly face an airing of the dirty laundry and potential criminal prosecution.

Should any or some of these accusations be substantiated, it is a damming indictment of the Clinton’s tolerance for and complicit behavior in failed leadership. Ask anyone who has run a large organization of hundreds or thousands of people and they will attest that the moral and ethical climate in any organization stems directly from it’s top leaders.

This “Chasm of Silence” by many media outlets underscores the lengths to which the largest and most favored media outlets are ignoring or under-reporting the allegations of kleptocracy, lying, cheating, in order to tip the scales for their favored party to win.


What we know so far:

Although this list is expected to grow as more details emerge, these are what we believe to be some of the most serious and damning issues that the Clintons, and many of their associates in Washington can expect.

What is most clear is the absolute decay of morality within the entire Clinton inner circle. It appears from all reasonable accusations that there is no ethical line they are not willing to cross. A few examples of what is acceptable behavior within the Clinton inner-circle:

And perhaps the most damning email of them all is proof of the knowledge that President Obama knew about Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and that and Clinton, Inc. to cover their tracks in deleting emails from the Clinton Server that included ones from President Obama.

Meanwhile, check out this fantastic centrality analysis below from MIT.
Click the image and explore the connections.

Or, explore the web of Clinton here.

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