Charlotte Council Member Amjera’s Anti-Trump Comments Spark Protest

Dimple Amjera - Joel Ford - Anti Trump Comments
Joel Ford and Dimple Amjera. Screenshot from WCNC’s Flashpoint.

A protest has been planned over anti-Trump comments made by a Charlotte Council Member Dimple Amjera.

Council Member Amjera thinks only certain people should have a voice in government, according to her remarks on a recent episode of the WCNC show, Flashpoint.

“Republicans that are supporting Trump, they should have no place on city council whatsoever or in the mayor’s race,” said Ajmera said.

Senator Joel Ford sat next to Amjera during her disparaging remarks and appear a bit surprised. Ford is currently running for Mayor of Charlotte.

“Absolutely. I don’t believe Trump and his cronies should be anywhere our city. It can happen in DC, not our city,” said Amjera.

Here’s the clip of Amjera’s comments, courtesy of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party:

Accompanying the video was the comment, “Democrats don’t trust the people of this great County! Hear for yourself how Democrats continue to work to engineer results by excluding citizens from having a voice in OUR own government. We must stand up against this divisive agenda they offer and vote in November for common sense Republicans who focus on local issues!”

Amjera Doubles Down On Divisiveness

Amjera doubled down on her comments when called out on them.

“(Charlotte) rejected Trump in the 2016 elections. So people are upset by what he represents. He values divisiveness. We can’t let that divide us as we tackle important issues like economic mobility and as we address the issues of last September.”

Dimple Ajmera is registered as Democrat. She was appointed to the city council in January to replace John Autry, who is now at the General Assembly.

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According to a May post on Amjera’s Facebook page, she seems to only be addressing her “democrat brothers and sisters.”

Dimple Amjera May 30 2017 Anti Trump Facebook Post

Ajmera will be running for one of four at-large seats in the fall.  It’s unclear whether or not she understands she must also represent those in her constituency who supported Trump.

Making Charlotte Great Again

The Mecklenburg County Republicans aren’t taking Amjera’s comments lying down. The group has organized a protest to take place at the next city council meeting.

The Meck GOP issued a statement to American Lens:

We are encouraging citizens to attend the next City Council meeting on Monday, July 24 starting at 5:30pm to peaceably express their displeasure with the comments made by Councilman Dimple Ajmera.

The Mecklenburg County Republican Party condems the words from Councilman Ajmera and believes that all voices should be heard across Charlotte.

The reality is that North Carolina did vote for President Trump and this attitude of being labeled as “deplorables” by the left is what swung the ballot in favor of Trump.

We are tired of being told that we are the party of intolerance and allowing the left to receive a free pass for their condemning, intolerant actions.

This rhetoric holds no place among our elected officials and Charlotteans deserve better from those sworn to uphold all of its citizens. As we saw with the Starbucks sit-in, we believe that peaceful protest can influence the conversation and promote our Republican values in a thoughtful way.

Charlotte’s City Hall is at 600 East 4th Street.

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