NC Lt. Governor Forest Goes to Bat for TX Senate Bill 6

Yesterday, Texas Lt. Governor Patrick held a press conference about Senate Bill 6, known as the Texas Privacy Act. The bill’s privacy and safety provisions are like that of North Carolina’s House Bill 2.

Big businesses have already engaged in economic threats to Texas over Senate Bill 6. This is the same type of economic blackmail game played last year in North Carolina by the Human Rights Campaign and Roy Cooper before being elected governor.

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest attended the press conference to lend his support.  Lt. Governor Patrick introduced Forest as the ‘leader on this issue’ in North Carolina.

“North Carolina was the tip of the sphere, we will be the next to pass a bill that focuses on privacy, a person’s privacy and public safety,” Patrick said.

Once introduced, Lt. Governor Forest dispelled the myth that these type of bills such as Senate Bill 6 or HB2 are anti-LGBT bills.

“It’s not an issue about the transgender community, it’s not an issue about the LGBT community,” said Lt. Governor Forest. “This is an issue about privacy and safety and protection for all people.”

“Texas, like North Carolina, is a state of reasonable accommodation.” said Forest.

Forest went on to say that from a privacy perspective, “What we’re talking about are the rights of women. we’re talking about the rights of children.”

“Women’s rights are human rights. Children’s rights are human rights,” stated Lt. Governor Forest.

Forest went on to describe the escalating hyperbole from opposition to North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which went from the bill being an anti-LGBT to the ‘most discriminatory law in America’. The Lt. Governor remarked that there had been ‘at least 15 different such narratives’ about North Carolina’s HB2 over the last year.

Lt. Governor Forest refuted those narratives, saying that, “This has never been about anything but privacy and safety and security for women and children.”


Don’t Mess With Texas – or Lt. Governor Dan Forest

Last year, Lt. Governor Forest’s support for House Bill 2 was unwavering and at times, his response to economic threats from business and the college sports complex was very direct.

Forest called Governor Cooper’s ‘compromise’ on HB2 last month a state sanctioned ‘look but don’t touch’ policy.

Forest’s statement on Cooper’s Look but don’t touch’ policy concluded, stating, “As a husband and father of four, the concept of ”˜Look But Don’t Touch’ as a meaningful response to HB2 is a sad commentary on how far the progressive movement and the elected officials beholden to it, will risk the safety of our people to achieve a radical social policy agenda.”

Back in September of 2016, Forest blasted the NCAA for threatening to remove championship games from the state over HB2.

“The NCAA’s action sends a message to every female athlete and female fan attending their events that their privacy and security in a bathroom, shower or locker room isn’t worth the price of a ticket to a ballgame. We have seen the NCAA’s attitude towards women before when they stood by and did nothing during the rapes at Baylor. For years, we’ve seen the NBA turn a blind eye towards women victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their star players. Why should we be surprised now at the NCAA continuing this pattern of discrimination and degradation of women? The line has now been drawn in the sand, first by Hollywood, now by the NBA and NCAA, either accept their ‘progressive sexual agenda’ or pay the price. North Carolina will not play that game. We value our women too much to put a price tag on their heads.”

Forest went on to win his re-election by more votes than any other elected candidate in the state, including President Trump.

Senate Bill 6 was introduced in January of this year and at that time, Lt Governor Patrick gave the following statement:

The people of Texas elected us to stand up for common decency, common sense and public safety. This legislation codifies what has been common practice in Texas and everywhere else forever ”” that men and women should use separate, designated bathrooms. It is supported by an overwhelming majority of Texans including both Democrats and Republicans, Hispanics, African-Americans and Anglos, men and women.

“SB 6 also ensures that businesses have the freedom to determine their own bathroom policies and that no public school can institute a bathroom policy that allows boys to go in girls restrooms, showers and locker rooms and girls to go in boys restrooms, showers and locker rooms.

“This issue is not about discrimination ”” it’s about public safety, protecting businesses and common sense. I congratulate Sen. Kolkhorst for filing SB 6 and for her commitment to protecting the privacy of Texans and keeping them safe.”

Lt. Governor Forest will be testifying in front of the Texas legislature today on the myths and distortions the progressive left will push as the Texas bill moves forward.

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