The Forgotten Man – Tipping Point Reached

The Forgotten Man – Tipping Point Reached

America is hurting. But you wouldn’t know that from watching the everyday events in Washington. Congress is sauntering along without purpose, thumbing their nose at the common man. Rich or poor, black or white, immigrant or native- there is no one that escapes the pain Democrats are imposing on the people.

Listen to this man, the forgotten man:


Larry O’Connor at WMAL in Washington, D.C. had this caller on his show last week. He has become the voice of the forgotten man. His name is Allen and he has become the voice of the people.

You can hear the pain and anguish in his voice. He is not alone, in fact he is now the majority of America. People are hurting and politics in the capital is what is making them sick.

Allen speaks for America.
forgotten man
This powerful Image of the founding fathers and the forgotten man depicts mood of current-day America, a painting by Jon McNaughon.

For those in Washington who see this message, at other end of this battle is your daughter, your mother, grandmother, brother, sister and grandchildren who are dying on the vine. They are suffering from your actions (or paralysis).

So keep on resisting, Washington.

The tipping point has arrived, without your invitation.

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