The Gay Agenda power grab is alive and well – coming to a city near you?

Gay AgendaThe Gay Agenda power grab is alive and well ”“ coming to a city near you?

It’s Greensboro now, but tomorrow it could be your city.

I have a hard enough time fighting Civil Rights in 2017, the gay agenda and where someone pees will have to wait.

And, finally why are three white gay people in a non-compliant precinct deciding the fate of a predominately black district?

Keep in mind, that there is nothing wrong with being gay, but they do not need to try to control a county commissioner seat just because someone happens to be gay.

Why does that even matter in the election process? Unless there’s a hidden agenda? If the situation was reversed the gay community would be outraged, and rightfully so.

Read this article at the Triad City Beat.

The bottom of the article reads:

“Three of four electors from the precinct are white in a precinct where 76.3 percent of registered voters are black. The three white electors in G69 ”” Equality NC Executive Director and former state lawmaker Chris Sgro; Ryan Butler, in-house counsel for Replacements Limited; and Anne Evangelista, a lawyer who recently graduated from Elon Law School ”” share a house on Gorrell Street in Southside”¦”

So, if I read this correctly, 75% of the district is made up of African-Americans, while 75% of the electors are made up of white people.

And, lo’ and behold three of the electors live in the same house? How unusual is this? Are they using the Chris Hardee template of fake where you live so you can run where you want?

And, if by chance should this go to the Council of Review (CoR) more questions come about:

Do we even have a working CoR?

And, is Ryan Butler still the pseudo Chair?

And, what of the members who never acknowledged Butler as the Chair ”“ are they still there or have they been removed?

Finally, what does the Plan of Organization (PoO) say of this? Can three electors live at the same residence?

I have personally been by that house on several occasions. It’s in the old Bohemian part of town. I’ve never seen a car there and only a lit light on the back porch. How unusual is that? Imagine driving by the same corner house for months and never seeing a car on the side of the street and a back porch light on. Hmm.

Finally, who is this Anne Evangelista?

Years ago, Greensboro had a problem with the AA population being underrepresented back in May 1980 (Luebke “Tar Heel Politics: Myths and Realities” page 107-08)

Greensboro has seen this before ”“ but now the issue is over a political power structure centered not around “white supremacy” but over a power structure centered around a gay agenda and LGBT activism giving gays such as Ryan Butler and Chris Sgro even more power for their agenda.

The agenda is not about Civil Rights despite what Equality NC or Human Rights Campaign would have you believe.

Gay rights are not Civil Rights and those with any sense of the Constitution know this ”“ including Democrats who used HB2 and the subsequent repeal of HB142 to fundraise and intimidate corporate CEOs by threat of boycott.


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