Hasbro Pushes Political Correctness on Consumers with Genderless Toys

Hasbro - genderless toys - frozen
Hasbro “Frozen” Dolls

Apparently, political correctness may be the new priority for toymaker Hasbro when it comes to marketing strategy.

In a recent interview, Hasbro CEO Brian Gardner made the following statement:

We look at our brands more inclusively than ever. In fact, we eliminated the old delineation of gender.

While most would find it odd to see Hasbro brands like “My Little Pony” and “Disney Princess” in the boys’ aisle of the toy section, this move seems very much in line with retailers like Target who have done away with gender labeling in this department.

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Interestingly, Hasbro has invested considerable effort in improving it’s standing with LGBT advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) over the past few years.

In 2014, Hasbro earned a score of only 25 on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI). However, that number jumped to a perfect 100 in the 2017 CEI.

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A perfect score indicates a company’s full compliance with HRC’s requirements for LGBT-specific engagement and prohibitions on philanthropic support for organizations that don’t adhere to HRC’s ideology.

See more on HRC’s goals and agenda here.

Furthermore, HRC has been been a leading advocate for the type of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation laws that raise safety concerns and essentially force businesses to allow anyone to use bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms on the basis of “gender identity” instead of biological sex.

Given Hasbro’s desire to stay in HRC’s good graces, it stands to reason that the elimination of gender differences in toys may indeed be part of a larger strategy to align with HRC’s gender ideology politics.

This article was originally published at 2ndVote.com.

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