Rep. Jackson Attempts Unclean HB2 Repeal

Democrats and Governor Cooper have been calling for a “clean repeal” of HB2 for months, yet earlier this week House Democrat Rep. Darren Jackson tried to an unclean method to repeal HB2.

On Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Jackson (D-39, Wake) attempted to add an HB2 repeal amendment to an unrelated bill regarding the Banking Commission.

The House has a rule that amendments must be germane to the bill. The HB2 repeal amendment obviously had nothing to do with the purpose of the Banking Commission bill.

RULE 43. Amendments. ”“ (a) No amendment to a measure before the House shall be in order unless the amendment is germane to the measure under consideration. A House amendment deleting a previously adopted House amendment shall not be in order. No amendment that is clearly unconstitutional shall be in order.

David Lewis, who was sitting in for the Speaker and is the House Rules chair, ruled the amendment out of order because it was not germane.

Rep. Jackson, who had originally offered the amendment appealed the ruling of the chair. An appeal requires a vote.

The vote failed right down party lines.

All House Republicans voted to uphold the rules of the House that the body had passed on the first day of session. All House Democrats voted to break the rules and allow the amendment though it was not germane.

Then Democrats then tried to claim the germaness vote was a vote to not repeal HB 2 rather than a vote on whether the amendment was proper under the rules of the House.

Rep. Darren Jackson and other House Democrats took to social media to lament their procedural stunt had failed and said that was their ‘last best chance’ to repeal HB2.

Darren Jackson - hb2 procedural stunt - unclean repeal

Rep. Jackson knew it was against the rules to add his amendment going in, which begs the question, why attempt a procedural stunt one knows will fail?

Arguably, one reason would be manipulation of media and their audiences.

Another would be to continue using HB2 as a fundraising cash cow.

Within an hour, fundraising emails had gone out from both Rep. Darren Jackson and the North Carolina Senate Democrats. In December, every single Senate Democrat voted against repeal, many at the behest of Roy Cooper.

Equality NC was not far behind with a fundraising attempt. Recently, Transgender activist Janice Covington Allison blasted NC Democrats, Equality NC and the Human Rights campaign for, “throwing transgenders under the bus.”

“Equality NC and HRC do not represent my transgender community,” Allison says. “They have consistently raised money off of our backs over the bathroom bill and they have refused to compromise with lawmakers because it is more financially lucrative for them to keep it the way it is so they can continue to raise money.”

“For people like Chris Sgro and Chad Griffin, HB2 is a cash cow. If it goes away so will the fundraising. And with that money they do absolutely nothing to support my brothers and sisters in the transgender community,” Allison said.

Prior to what was, without argument, a procedural stunt by Rep. Jackson this week, the Democrats were 0-4 in repeal attempts.

All four times, repeal or comprise was killed by Democrats. This unclean attempt at repeal from Rep. Jackson represents the 5th time North Carolina Democrats killed a repeal measure by their own hand.

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