Dispatches From The Fall Of Western Civilization: Canada’s Gender Identity Bill

Dispatches from the fall of western civlization

Our latest dispatch from the Fall of Western Civilization takes us to Canada, where their parliament is considering legal changes surrounding gender identity.

Via Gender Trender:

Canada’s Bill C-16 would establish a government recognized class of people based on their personal feeling that sex stereotypes form an integral and desired component of their legal identity.

“Gender Identity” is defined under Bill C-16 as:

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation. (Source)

“Gender” itself is not defined by Bill C-16. Therefore “Gender Identity” is each person’s internal and individual experience of a legally undefined quality.

“Gender Identity” is legally recognized on the basis that an individual proclaims that they have the feelings of having such an identity.

“Gender Identity” would override legal recognition of, and protections based on, “Sex”.

Go read the rest.

Gender Trender also has multiple videos, like the one below, of testimony in front of their parliment.


Murphy points out in the very beginning of the clip that Canada’s Parliament is proposing to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Canada’s criminal code in order to include something that is, “not even definable.”

“Gender is not about internal or individual experiences, it’s a social construction.”

“Today, creating and supporting the idea that one can have in internal gender identity, we are regressing. No one is born with a gender. We are born male or female.”

“Treating gender as though it is either internal or a personal choice is dangerous and completely misunderstands how and why women are oppressed under patriarchy as a class of people.”

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