NC Dem Party Hispanic Chair Draws Heat over Eudy Comment

Marshall Adame, the elected Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party’s Hispanic caucus, drew ire from the North Carolina Democratic Party recently when he posted a comment at the News & Observer regarding an article by Collin Campbell published in their ‘Under the Dome‘ section.

The article notes that Roy Cooper’s transition team has tapped Ken Eudy as a senior advisor to the Governor Elect. But, the article is mainly about comments Ken Eudy made on September, 2016 on the Education NC website.

Eudy writes, “I do stand for the Star-Spangled Banner. But I stay in my seat when thousands of fans stand and cheer men and women in the armed services. My silent protest draws some certain looks or sideways sneers.”

Eudy goes on to say, “I sit simply because I think it odd that, of all the categories of Americans that we honor, we honor warriors. I’m resolved that I won’t stand until we also honor the profession that will determine whether the United States remains free ”” school teachers.”

The article at Education NC was an adaptation of an original posting made by Eudy on his personal blog site.

Marshall Adame
                                                   Marshall Adame

When Marshall Adame read those words he was irritated. Adame is a retired combat Marine with 23 years of service. He served in Vietnam at age 17 and later became the Detachment Commander for United States Marine Embassy Security Forces.

Adame served in Iraq with the State Department and was also appointed to a diplomatic post serving within the Office of the Iraqi Minister of Interior. Marshall Adame was also a member of the United States Congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting.

Adame says, “It’s not about me; it’s about my three kids. All three of my boys served in the military; two were combat veterans and one is a wounded warrior. I don’t take Eudy’s comments lightly.”

Despite his dislike for Eudy’s commentary, Adame took his comment down and deleted it from his Twitter account. An Officer with the North Carolina Democratic Party called him and persuaded him that it would be better to remove the comments for Cooper’s benefit as well as Eudy’s.

In a telephone interview, Adame said, “That doesn’t mean I don’t stand by my comment in the N&O. I stand by them completely””I took it down for Cooper’s benefit.”

Marshall Adame went on to say, “Those comments made by Ken Eudy are disrespectful and insulting to the military and to people like me.”

Adame still works for a company connected to the Department of Defense and he currently holds a top-secret clearance.

“It’s a false equivalent,” Adame said, “to compare military and teachers””and that’s not to negate or disrespect NC teachers. Ken Eudy isn’t mature enough to understand he’s demeaning the military. He’s an inch thick and a mile wide.”

Adame said he has had several phone calls from Democrats complaining and asking, “Why are you trying to help the Republicans. And, you want to be chair?”

Adame’s response is “I want to be Chair, but I’m not willing to sell my integrity to do it. I didn’t help the Republicans””Ken Eudy did that by writing those comments.”

Adame went on to state that he’s not willing to pay any price to become Chair, and he admits it may be an uphill battle. Within the North Carolina Democratic Party, integrity isn’t a highly sought out characteristic: they want someone who will raise money and kowtow to the establishment of the Party.

Marshall Adame would consider himself a ”˜Berniecrat’ and he has taken heat for it on a secret Facebook site for North Carolina Democratic Party SEC members. One such member, Tina Willis Rodriguez, posted this comment about anyone running who supported Bernie:

“Well to be blunt I won’t support anyone that was in the Bernie camp. End of story. He should have ended his campaign weeks ahead of the convention instead of bringing chaos and [sic] disrespect to the convention floor.”

North Carolina has become a Democratic battleground state

The direction of the Democrat National Committee could lie in the hands of states like North Carolina as the North Carolina Democratic Party Chair and 1st Vice Chair, when elected, will have an automatic seat and vote on the Democrat National Committee.
What is noteworthy is that establishment Democrats in North Carolina don’t want to give up the power or the money according to some NC politicos.

Even though the NC Democratic Party lost the Council of State and failed to gain enough votes preventing a veto override in the state’s General Assembly, the establishment still feels they are relevant by winning the governor’s mansion.

The election for North Carolina Democratic Party Chair falls just weeks before the Democrat National Committee election on February 25, 2016, in Atlanta. Rep. Keith Ellison has announced and he was endorsed by Bernie Sanders. Howard Dean has also announced and he is widely considered to be a Clintonite.

Adame is not seeking reelection as the Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party Hispanic caucus. Interestingly, this decision comes at a time when the Latino vote this cycle in North Carolina was up 85% compared to 2012.

Although still unofficial, Marshall Adame has made his intentions known that he will be running for the office of Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party at the SEC election on February 11, 2017. That position is currently held by Patsy Keever.

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