Icon of Anger: Maxine Waters Prepares a Lynching

Maxine Waters promises the public lynching of a black man at taxpayer expense.

The headline was too tempting to ignore.

“I’m going to take his ass apart,” said Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

With a line that sounds more like it came from pre-civil war America than 2017, Waters was talking about HUD secretary, Dr. Ben Carson.

The violent killing machine of the Democratic Party, The KKK, march on Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

Echoed by progressive media outlets, Waters’ words are focused on using Republican minorities as something to be made an example of; that no Republican minority is worthy of respect.

Waters’ toxic words give validity to the Democrats message to minorities too, ” stay in line!”

Her remarks are part of the growing body of evidence that the Democratic Party has lost its ability to communicate in the era of Trump. Anger and hate seem to be the only ideas that prevail.

Now Rep. Maxine Waters has told the world she can’t wait for HUD Secretary Ben Carson to testify so she can “take his ass apart” in the hearing, Carson’s fate has already been cast.

Now a public lynching will ensue and there can be no backing down.

Yet, leaders in the Democratic Party remain silent. It is 1865 in America again.

The Democrat message reiterated by Waters appears to be two-fold:

1, Don’t mess with the most potent tools that keep Democrats in power: government control of college loans, high-interest debt, entitlements, housing, and education.

2. If you are a minority that supports Trump you will be made an example. We will not be divided. We must blindly follow the same policies that failed us for the last 75 years.

But sometimes the media spins its story by failing to tell you the most important facts.

No media outlet is discussing a key issue at hand –  Rep. Maxine Water’s husband is a significant stakeholder of OneUnited Bank, and they are at risk of losing more money under the new rules with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (institutions that are now run by HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson).

The Party with Nothing Left To Lose

House Minority Leader Pelosi appears to be fine with the message. Rest assured, political fundraising machines will profit from this hearing and the talking-heads fireworks show. Perhaps the leadership is o.k. with this public theater of hate. Maybe they believe Carson deserves Water’s vocal imagery of a KKK-style assault on him.

And to add more fuel to the fire, most Congressional leaders know that Water’s family finances are connected to the minority banking industry, yet they allow her to take part in these hearings and put on this obscene show of anger.

No member of Congress will openly discuss this blatant conflict of interest. Why? Because Dr. Carson needs to have his ”˜ass taken apart!’

The Trump resistance is so pervasive that Maxine Waters and the Democrats now have a permanent set of ‘watchers’ on members of the administration, a virtual set of stalkers who will report anything that is done, said or overheard, true or not. Take “Carson Watch” as the prime example.

Public Advocates, a 501(c)3 tax-free charitable organization that is supposed to be educating the public on matters involving public housing has started an overtly biased and rather threatening website called CarsonWatch.org but worse yet, it is a taxpayer-funded enterprise used to demean and spread lies about Dr. Carson and President Trump.

Public Advocates group uses taxpayer money to lobby for more taxpayer money. As of 2015, the organization had received at least $6.3M in taxpayer funding.

What’s more, at least $1M of those taxpayer dollars was spent lobbying for more money. But now that Dr. Carson is at the helm, they have moved to threatening tactics as they continue to lobby for bigger budgets.

For Maxine Waters, Keeping The Man Down is Important

Although she was recently re-branded as ”˜Auntie Maxine,’ her career-long charade continues.

Waters would rather destroy and impugn the character of a good man rather than listen to what he has to say.

President Trump appointed HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, to get spending back in line and to help grow the U.S. economy. But that is a threat to the most powerful tools that the Democrats have, and no one in the party is going to let that slip away from their oppressive grip.

The truth be told, Democrats want to keep the gravy train flowing to the beacons of liberal education. Reforming government-run student loans will significantly impair that flow of money.

But the facts matter and they are enlightening.

It was Democrats who pushed student loans over to the government to manage. Interestingly, HUD can help ease the burden of high-interest student loans, but not if Waters and the Democratic Party get their way.

Another fact is that millennials never get to see the true cost of their education when it is masked behind government processing, loan forgiveness programs, and the other opportunity costs associated with this practice.

Capping loan payments to the government, regardless of debt, is exactly what Democrats want. This is income redistribution at it’s finest. It is not what is best for America.

A Caution to Millennials and Generation Z: You are going to pay for this in your lifetime. College and large government are not “free.”

But, every hero needs an enemy and Waters and others in the Democratic party need to vilify Carson. They will place a modern-day minority hero on the altar of political sacrifice for no other reason than to please the political gods of hate and anger.

Ben Carson is Everything Maxine Waters Is Not

Instead of lifting Carson up, showing him as an example of success, a phoenix who rose from the ashes of poverty, oppression, and against all odds, they prefer to just ”˜take his ass apart.’

Dr. Ben Carson is a lot of things; brain surgeon, a philanthropist and an accomplished person who actually created jobs and grew the American economy.  None of those are things that Maxine Waters can say about herself.

While he speaks truth to power; she brings rhetoric with absolute lies. So, why not just ‘take his ass apart?’ He deserves it, right?

While Auntie Maxine uses taxpayer money to keep herself in office; Carson uses personal money to lift people up. How will Waters handle that? ”˜Take his ass apart,’ of course.

The Carson Scholars Program
This 2017 photo is from the Carson Scholars Program website. Since its founding, Dr. Carson and other generous benefactors have propelled high-achieving students towards a brighter future.

If you’re looking for a way to bring good out of this divisive and extremely negative action by Maxine Waters, look no further that the Carson Scholars program. You can speak your mind by donating to them or volunteering with them.

A little-known program started in 1996, Dr. Ben Carson created a remarkable avenue with no help from the government and invested his own time and money to build a better future. So, perhaps Waters could ”˜take his ass apart’ for that too.

The Carson Scholars Program is a scholarship program that provides an opportunity to those who need it most and are willing to pursue excellence in order to achieve it.

The program helps to foster reading in a safe, quiet and private area that allows young people to engross themselves in the world of knowledge and shrug off the pressures and sounds of a world in chaos. (Yes Auntie Maxine, it is also available to children public housing.)

Generous donors can sponsor a $2,500 reading room renovation or construction at the location of their choice.

You can also make tax-free donations to sponsor a student certificate, or you can even sponsor an entire annual scholarship.

So, to recap: Dr. Ben Carson, a minority who rose from poverty and a broken home, turned away from government assistance programs, made something of his life and became self-reliant, is now the enemy of the Democratic state.

Maxine Waters is an Icon of Hate and Anger

But Why Do it?

Because Dr. Carson rejects the Democrat Party mantra.

Because he is a minority who doesn’t tow the Democratic party line.

Because President Trump chose him to be a leader in his cabinet; and that cannot be tolerated.

The rest of you better get in line, lest the Democratic party will turn their 1865 tactics back on you too.

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