NC State Board of Elections Report: 508 Ineligible Votes Cast in 2016

NC State Board of ElectionsA recent report released by the North Carolina State Board of Elections shows that 508 people voted in 2016 who were ineligible to do so.

In the statement accompanying the report, Kim Westbrook Strach, executive director of the State Board of Elections said in part that, “One ineligible vote is too many in any election; however, our analysis of irregularities does not indicate any contest was affected in November.”

The report says that a provisional ballot audit found 428 ballots that should not have been counted, however the total number of ineligible votes appears to be 508. All cast votes in 2016.

  • 441 open cases of voting by suspected active felons
  • 41 non-citizens with legal status (green card, etc.) cast ballots
  • 24 substantiated cases of double-voting initiated through tips and data audits
  • Two cases of voter impersonation referred to prosecutors

Those 508 votes were counted. Why? The current process in North Carolina is to count and certify the state’s ballots before audits are completed for voter eligibility.

These numbers do not include the alleged absentee ballot fraud in Bladen county, which has been referred to federal prosecutors.

The report also says that they found, “No evidence of ballot stuffing or equipment tampering,” despite 90,000 votes suddenly surfacing in Durham at the 11th hour.

The State Board of Elections report also broke down the ballots by party affiliation.

NC State Board of Elections - Voter Fraud - 2016 - Ineligible Voters

Overwhelmingly, the party affiliation of the offender was Democrat, standing at 364 of the 508.  Felons were the largest portions of that total and made up the 66% of the Democrat numbers.

Democrats had more than double the amount of instances of double voting than Republican and Unaffiliated combined. Democrats had just shy of double the number of non-citizens voting as well.

Earlier this year, 52-year-old Dewey George Gidcumb Jr. was convicted of voting twice in North Carolina’s March 2016 primary.  This violation of G.S. 163-275(7) is a Class I felony.

According to the State Board of Elections press release, Gidcumb was given, “a suspended prison sentence of five to 15 months, 12 months of supervised probation, 24 hours of community service and a $100 fine, plus court costs.”

Ineligible Voters are Tip of Iceberg

This report by the State Board of Elections comes on the heels of an announcement that Judicial Watch intends to sue North Carolina unless they clean up their voter rolls.

As American Lens reported last week, according to Judicial Watch, there are 15 counties in North Carolina who have more registered voters than there are citizens of age to vote.

The report does not investigate out-of-state college student eligibility or cross check these students for the possibility of double-voting.

American Lens learned last year that hundreds of students were registered to addresses that were not valid.

Examination of same-day student registrations revealed that 240 students at Duke University were living at “1 Duke University Road, Durham.” That address is a gravel parking lot.

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State Board of Elections officials said colleges were given a ‘dispensation’ to combine student addresses to a single place.

According to North Carolina General Statute, the definition of “residence”contains a provision that one’s voter residency at the time of registration should be where one sleeps.

In short, these students and colleges were allowed to get out of following state voter eligibility law.

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