NC Teacher Arrests: Sex With Student, DWI, Neglect

The NC Teacher arrests continue.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg district middle school teacher was arrested on July 1 on one count indecent liberties with a student and one count of engaging in sex with a student.

Both charges are felonies.

The exact charges according to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office:

Charles Naas - Teacher Arrests
Charles Ray Naas, Jr. via MCSO

Court Case ID: 5902017224966

Court Case ID: 5902017224973

Charles Ray Naas, Jr., age 26, was arrested by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police last Saturday around 4 pm in the afternoon at his home.  Naas bonded out by 9 pm that evening.

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Law enforcement said they believe that the inappropriate sexual contact happened during a tutoring session of a juvenile at Naas’ home.

On Friday, officers got information about a sexual assault involving Naas and a student. It’s unknown when the alleged incident happened.

Naas teaches math in the 7th grade at Alexander Graham Middle School. The school’s Principal, Robert Folk, released the following statement to parents and staff:

Good evening, AG parents and staff. This is Robert Folk, principal at Alexander Graham Middle School, calling with a message to keep you informed of events surrounding our school.

You may see or hear news reports that Mr. Charles Naas, a 7th grade teacher at AG, was arrested this weekend by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. In collaboration with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Police, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, and CMS Employee Relations, I assure you that appropriate legal processes are being followed.

Please know that your child’s safety and wellbeing is my primary concern at AG Middle. I am upset and concerned about this situation. I expect students, parents and staff to have questions. Please understand that privacy laws prevent me from sharing any details outside of public documents. I can share that the reported act did not occur on a CMS campus.

Supporting our children should be our focus at this time.

Please let me know if I or a member of my team can be of assistance to you or to your child.

Police said that they are trying to discern if there are any other victims in the Naas case.

Teacher arrests - nc teacher arrests - nced - quiet epidemicOther NC Teacher Arrests

In Gaston county, a former McAdenville Elementary school teacher is appealing her June 15th conviction for abusing a special needs child by picking him up by his ears.

Penny Pope Barker was accused of causing a laceration to the 6 year-old’s ear and for allegedly squeezing a stuffed animal soaked in cold water over a 5-year-old girl’s head.

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At the end of June in Burke county, ”‹Elizabeth Paige Brinkley, ”‹age 48, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and neglect according to an arrest report by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. Burke was an exceptional children’s teacher at East Burke Middle School.

According to the school district, Brinkley was suspended with pay and has taught in the school system since 2008.

Also at the end of June, a Bunker Hill High Assistant Principal was arrested for DWI in the parking lot of the school’s graduation ceremony.  Bunker Hill High is in Catawba county.

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