Professor: Compelled speech has come to Canada

Canadian Parliament Building

Compelled speech is on the cusp of being the law in Canada.

Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-16 last week by a vote of 67-11 without any amendments. The bill now must receive royal assent from the governor-general in order to become law.

The bill inserts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into the country’s Human Rights Code and its Criminal Code hate speech provisions.

“Compelled speech has come to Canada,” Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the university.

Canada’s far-left leaning Prime Minister applauded the passage of what is essentially the criminalization of speech:

Should this bill become law, it would make it illegal in Canada to use the wrong gender pronouns. In other words, this bill would control what citizens in Canada can and cannot say.

Compelled Speech = Criminalizing Speech

Canada - c-16- pronoun police - compelled speechOpposition such as Professor Peterson say that Canadians who don’t submit to progressive “gender theory” could be prosecuted for hate crimes.

Violating this bill, should it become law, could result in being jailed, fined, and also being forced to take ‘anti-bias training’.

Peterson testified in front of the Canadian Senate along with attorney, D. Jared Brown. On his blog, Brown lays out what the legal issues are with C-16.

Brown, in his blog entry, says that it’s the Office of Human Rights Council’s policy requirement that people have to use the pronouns required by transgendered persons who make that demand which constitutes compelled speech.

Brown summarizes the blog entry:

  • Bill C-16 will mandate the use of certain language enforceable by the government;
  • The mandated language may not be consistent with the opinions and beliefs of all persons in Canadian society;
  • It is not clear that one can publicly disavow the mandated language; and,
  • With the passing of Bill C-16, a failure to use the mandated language can result in the power of the state being brought to bear on you, resulting in punishments up to and including imprisonment.

Given that the Supreme Court of Canada has found compelled speech to be a “penalty that is totalitarian and as such alien to the tradition of free nations like Canada even for the repression of the most serious crimes”, it might be appropriate to examine Bill C-16 in greater detail to ensure that it remains consistent with Canadian constitutional principles and Canadian traditions of free expression.

Watch Peterson’s testimony and that of D. Jared Brown on C-16 in front of the Canadian Senate:

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