Radical Roots- The National Uprising & Chaos in America

The roots of what we at American Lens are calling The National Uprising began almost a decade ago with a meeting of the Democracy Alliance (DA) in December 2007.

The Democracy Alliance is an elite club of the wealthiest and most progressive philanthropists across the nation. They had the money, but they needed ground teams to get organized. They needed to recruit an army of volunteers to carry the message.

After 3 years of planning, organizing, and training,  the first test cases targeted Wall Street and the bailout of wealthy bankers that got sweetheart deals at the taxpayer expense.

It began with a scream of,  “MIC CHECK!”

In September of 2011, protesters calling themselves Occupy Wall Street (OWS) descended on Zuccotti Park in New York City. What looked like a spontaneous movement was anything but. Funded and organized by groups tied to George Soros and national labor unions, the OWS movement consisted of a coordinated effort by radical activists, democratic operatives and bare-knuckled union enforcers, and socialists seeking a political revolution.

Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialist Strategy in Political National Uprising
US Senator Bernie Sanders shown at a camping rally, courtesy of Democratic Socialists of America.

The early talking points of the protesters were said to be about exposing “social and economic inequality worldwide.”

However, those early positions quickly dissolved into a laundry list of social justice gripes and far Left agenda items from ultra feminists railing against the patriarchy to gay rights to hapless college students wanting someone to pay for their college debt.

As publicity waned in the early days, violent anarchists joined the group using tactics known as ‘Black Bloc.’ The anarchists made sure the news would cover them with their outrageous destruction and scare tactics.

Property damage in ‘Occupied’ cities quickly rose into the millions. Public parks and facilities became unusable. The trash piled up, violent rapes were perpetrated, disease outbreaks became more frequent in the camps, riots occurred daily, Molotov cocktails were used and property destruction became the hallmark of the movement wherever they went.

The OWS playbook was ripped straight from the pages of East German anarchists of the 1970’s and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals of the 1960’s. The goal was to create a false narrative for the media to carry across the globe about American injustice, inequality, and to rage against capitalism. As the movement unfolded it was praised by national progressive political figures and the media, many of which turned a blind eye the violence and destruction.

Democratic politicians, including President Obama, legitimized the efforts stating that OWS, “expresses the frustrations the American people” and that “the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.”

Nancy Pelosi also embraced OWS. At the time Pelosi was the Speaker of the House and praised them.  “God bless them, for their spontaneity. It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused.” Pelosi said. “And it’s going to be effective. The message of the protesters is a message for the establishment everyplace. No longer will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause massive joblessness on Main Street.”

The chaos wrought by OWS was a prelude. A test case. An incubator for future chaos. What started with Occupy has splintered into a thousand variations that now march under their own banners. They got organized, identified new sympathetic people as they set out to recruit a new generation of disaffected youth with an ax to grind.

The media was more than willing to continue the charade of a nation in turmoil. It painted the picture that America was in decline because of segregation of economic classes, races, and religion. However, that’s a feature, not a bug. The National Uprising to follow would rely entirely on this foundation.

That splintering arguably helped give rise to a new movement, Black Lives Matter. It is this splintering that we at American Lens are referring to when we use the term ‘The National Uprising’.

The National Uprising – Built on Social Justice

OWS, with its never-ending list of complaints, also gave birth to the modern Social Justice Warrior (SJW). The SJW plays a key part in The National Uprising. The SJW isn’t the 60’s hippie upset at the war in Vietnam or the government, this is a new breed of far-Left radicals who live and die by the motto, ‘by any means necessary.’

But just what is Social Justice and what is a Social Justice Warrior?

Thomas Paine- National Uprising
Portrait of Thomas Paine, US Revolutionary War Hero

The origins of the term Social Justice trace back in part to the Catholic church in the early-mid 1800’s. Its meaning there was a new virtue as the world emerged out agrarian society. Going even further back, circa 1795-96, Thomas Paine’s final pamphlet, Agrarian Justice, could be viewed as laying the foundation.

Paine opined that there are two types of property, natural and artificial.  Paine writes that equality of property is impossible, as an equal contribution to such a thing just doesn’t happen.

“Liberty and Property are words expressing all those of our possessions which are not of an intellectual nature. There are two kinds of property. Firstly, natural property, or that which comes to us from the Creator of the universe – such as the earth, air, water. Secondly, artificial or acquired property – the invention of men.
In the latter, equality is impossible; for to distribute it equally it would be necessary that all should have contributed in the same proportion, which can never be the case; and this being the case, every individual would hold on to his own property, as his right share. Equality of natural property is the subject of this little essay. Every individual in the world is born therein with legitimate claims on a certain kind of property, or its equivalent.”

SJW’s have latched on to the idea in that very last sentence. They have managed to pervert it, apply to anything they can think of and it has thus been further co-opted over the years by progressive and radical activists.

The new Social Justice is akin to saying that all things belonging to the collective and should be distributed evenly and equitably. In other words, for an SJW, ‘what’s yours is mine’ regardless of circumstance. The Socialistic flavor is undeniable. Make no mistake, there are those who truly believe in this new definition, however, there are many others simply using it as a political tool.

The Social Justice movements of today seek the systematic destruction of societal, religious and cultural norms. This is done for ‘the common good’ and fairness. The stated goal is that everyone will be free to live productive lives and be equal – at least in theory. They have delusions of recreating a ‘Lord of the Flies’ society.

The huge flaw in that theory is that in every society people are not equal, but unique. Someone will always be richer, smarter, better looking, faster or stronger. When this reality intervenes, SJW’s descend on anyone who stands out with a solid round of shaming, name-calling and various methods of silencing opposition.

A prime real-world example of these SJW tactics and a key piece in the National Uprising is what unfolded in the Fall of 2015 at the University of Missouri, or as it is nicknamed, ‘Mizzou’.

In September of 2015, a student-led group calling themselves Concerned Student 1950 launched a series of protests which included a hunger strike and the boycotting of the school’s football games.

Concerned Student 1950’s reasons for these protests included the charge that there were rampant bigotry and anti-gay sentiment on campus. These claims were paired with a comment made on Facebook by the Mizzou student government President, Payton Head, who made unsubstantiated accusations regarding a random passing car’s occupants yelling racial slurs at him.

Head wrote in that post that, “For those of you who wonder why I’m always talking about the importance of inclusion and respect, it’s because I’ve experienced moments like this multiple times at THIS university, making me not feel included here.”

What ensued after the first Mizzou protests were nothing short of a full-blown SJW temper tantrum, led by a member of the faculty identified as Melissa Click. Demands for segregated spaces for blacks only and the establishment of other such ‘no go’ areas for media had arisen. These segregated areas would later become widely known as “safe spaces.”

Melissa Click
This video screen capture of Melissa Click epitomizes the indignant disdain for a citizen exercising first amendment rights in a public space. 

At the height of this lunacy, Click entered into a confrontation with a freelance photographer over the safe space zone and First Amendment rights. The altercation became physical and was recorded by a student named Mark Schierbecker.

During the altercation recorded by Schierbecker, Click points her finger at the camera, yelling, “you need to get out” and “I need some muscle over here”. Watch Click in action for yourself.

This moment by Click was a classic SJW attempt to shut down the opposition. Versions of this tactic can be seen in SJW’s shouting down politicians at political rallies and at speaking engagements like that of Breitbart editor and gay activist, Milo Yiannopolous.

The manipulation of a targeted forum, event, or space is a key component for SJW’s and a key element in the National Uprising.  The Social Justice Warriors take over and drown-out their targets and often uses ‘shaming chants’. This tactic, wherein the target shouted at, taunted and called various names, has been employed at protests like that of the North Carolina born Moral Monday and that of Black Lives Matter.

The purpose of The National Uprising is to use chaos to disrupt the cornerstones of a functioning society (Rule of Law, Freedom of Speech, Individual Rights) which all become impediments to the needs of the collective. Their methods and tactics are focused on silencing all opposition through intimidation, name-calling, shaming, labeling someone as racist and/or un-American, frivolous litigation, and economic extortion. The end game is control of the majority by a vocal, well-funded and radical minority with a thirst for power.

Follow American Lens as we continue to navigate the safe spaces, focus on the subversive actors the media ignores, and direct the foundations of these organizations. Welcome to The National Uprising.

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