What We Saw at the March Against Sharia Law

On Saturday, at the Capitol Building Square in Raleigh, a group of about 100 people took part in an organized national march against the Islamic system of laws known as, Sharia Law.

Sharia Law is both religious and political. It includes practices such as female genital mutilation, strict blasphemy laws, death sentences for anyone who is homosexual or engages in apostasy or proselytizing.

Sharia laws involve the complete subjugation of women to men. Non-believers are considered infidels that must either die or pay a tax to live in peace.

The national organizer of the event was Brigitte Gabriel,  Founder, and President of Act for America.  Ms. Gabriel is a long-time outspoken opponent of Sharia Law.

ACT for America said that the event was, “This is a march against Sharia law and for human rights.”

In a written statement, Gabriel said that, “Let me make clear what I mean, because we oppose no peaceful practice of religious faith.  In fact we stand steadfast with the right of every American to their faith.  But the elements that make Sharia Law are not about religion, but oppression. ”

What We Saw

Alex Smith - March Against Sharia Law
Alex Smith – Ex-Muslims Against Sharia. Image via Kari Donovan

In attendance were local organizers such as Peter Boykin of Gays for Trump, and Alex Smith, who calls himself an “Ex-Muslim” born in an Arab Country.

Both Mr. Boykin and Mr. Smith say they are opposed to Sharia Law in the United States because they would both be murdered under it.

The group provided their own security via the Oath Keepers.

Represented in the crowd were Ex-Muslims, Democrats against Sharia, Proud Boys, Identity Evropa and supporters of President Trump.

Alex Smith - Peter Boykin - March Against Sharia Law
Speakers address rally goers. Image by Kari Donovan.

“We are for Human Rights. For women and children to be free and for people like me to live out our happiness”, said Peter Boykin of Gays For Trump.

“I am here to stay. If I run from America and the dark things happening here, where do I have to go?” Alex Smith asked the crowd.

Smith recounted the threats on his life for leaving Islam and his fear that Sharia will take root here in America.

Both men gave passionate speeches about their rights as Americans and their concerns for their personal safety if America were to adopt or allow Sharia law.

Boykin and Smith both said that, “We bleed, red white and blue – We are Americans.”

the Protesters

Throughout Boykin and Smith’s speeches to the crowd, somewhere between 150-200 protesters entered the area in an attempt to shut down the speakers.

Police - March for Sharia
Heavy Police presence at March Against Sharia.  Image via Kari Donovan

The protesters shouted claims of racism and bigotry at the rally goers and at Mr. Smith and Mr. Boykin.

The Raleigh Police stepped in and contained the protesters on one side of the street, while the Rally continued.

After about half an hour, the protesters seemed to lose interest and most left without incident.

Earlier in the day, protesters had marched around the downtown area.

Signs, Signs, Signs

Protesters - March Against Sharia
Two protesters hold up the Communist Russian flag. Image via Kari Donovan.

The protesters held signs ranging from ‘socialism is the answer’ to various anti-Trump signs.

The Antifa standard sign, “No good time for Nazis” was also present.

Two protesters were carrying a Communist Russian flag (right).


Protesters - March Against ShariaMuslim woman held up sign which read,  “You chose the wrong month to come at Muslims. We are angry.”  (Image right.)

Another banner depicted a black cat stomping on ‘the klan’.

Most signs called the rally goers ‘racists’, yet Islam nor Sharia law are not races but religious beliefs.

March Against Sharia Law Protesters – Antifa Organized

Antifa member and known socialist, Anastasia Karklina, took credit on her Facebook page for organizing the protesters:

“I feel so exhausted but I also feel deeply moved, grateful, and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, trust, dedication, vision, leadership, and hard work that made today’s action not only possible & effective but also safe for our people. I’ll have more to say after I sleep but for now I know this much: I won’t ever forget what it feels like to hope to mobilize at least 25 people, at best, and watch these 250 people, streaming down these stairs, to follow their conscience & look white supremacist fascism in the eye. That, and also mad love to Fatema & my people who held it down!”

Karklina tweeted out video of the march and banner and also posted video of the protesters chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho! Islamophobia has got to go!”

Members of “Muslims for Social Justice” were also part of the protests.

The speakers and the rally goers were undeterred.

Meanwhile, on the national stage, various Democrats like Keith Ellison were slamming the marches.

Ellison held a press conference and defended Sharia law by way of saying he ‘hasn’t seen it’ in America . He apparently isn’t looking very hard.

Ellison  also said that the Anti-Sharia marchers were the ones “imposing their religion” on others.

Act for America does plan to hold future events and one is planned for October 2nd and 3rd in Washington, D.C.

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