Socialist and Comrades Chase Former NC Governor in D.C.

Oh, the stories the media doesn’t tell you. Like the one where a socialist and his comrades videoed themselves chasing and yelling slurs at former NC Gov. McCrory this weekend.

Yes. The Charlotte Observer ran an article with video of former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory being chased down an alley in Washington, D.C. by a group of protesters yelling slurs, “shame” and expletives at him.

At the time of the verbal attacks and subsequent extended harassment, McCrory was speaking with Lou Dobbs of FOX news.

Fair warning, this video contains strong language and may disturb some viewers.

The Secret Service intervened and dispersed the chanting socialist mob.

These weren’t the garden variety protesters and neither is the man who took the video, an individual named Udai Basavaraj.

The Charlotte Observer story mentions in passing a socialist themed GoFundMe page, but what the Charlotte Observer didn’t tell you is that Mr. Basavaraj really is a Socialist and likely so were his companions.

Basavaraj isn’t just a little bit of a Socialist or claiming he is because it seems edgy either. He appears to be very committed to an ideology responsible for more deaths and misery worldwide than any war, plague or famine.

Basavaraj hosted numerous events for the Greensboro Socialist Organization and for the Winston Salem Socialists too. He hosted  a gathering on December 17th, 2016 where he and other socialists got together to, “Join Comrades for an afternoon potlucking, politicizing, strategizing, and fun.”

They were there to take part in DisruptJ20 protests as part of a bus trip organized by the Greensboro Socialist Organization. DisruptJ20 made headlines in a set of Project Veritas videos just prior to the Inauguration.

In those videos, organizers for DisruptJ20 were caught on camera plotting to disrupt several events, one of which called for using butyric acid and another for shutting down the D.C. Metro lines. Both plots were reported to authorities and violate federal anti-terrorism laws.

Basavaraj posted the video to his Facebook page along with colorful language.

He also responded on Facebook to a newsletter published by North Carolina State Senator Bishop (R-39) about the situation with equally colorful language (image below).

Udai Basavaraj - socialist - FB- Dan Bishop
                         Image via Udai Basavaraj’s Facebook Page

In the newsletter, Bishop details who Basavaraj is,  who was likely with him and who was tagged in the Facebook posting of the video — Basavaraj’s comrade, Juan Miranda.

Also tagged on the Facebook post was Leah Hendershot, of the NC Association of Educator’s Organize 2020 social justice caucus. Hendershot was among nearly a dozen arrested along with another socialist and Organize 2020 member, Bryan Proffitt, at a protests last August when they sat in the middle of downtown Raleigh and impeded traffic.

We reached out to Senator Bishop (R-39) and asked him about the newsletter and why he felt compelled to write it.

“Until now, courtesy and custom have been reliable enough to keep our past governors safe,” said Sen. Bishop.

Bishop continued, “But professional rioters have taken root in NC, and the safety of our former officials can no longer be assumed.  Another gift of the fringe left.”

He granted American Lens’ request to republish his newsletter in full (below).

Sen. Bishop to Seek Protection for Gov. McCrory from Rioters, Even If Observer Thinks It’s a Joke

Who is Udai Basavaraj?

Lines are being crossed, and I have been holding my tongue. Yesterday, however, one of the growing series of spectacles caught my attention like no other. It was a video article posted on the Charlotte Observer’s website showing the immediate past governor of North Carolina chased by a chanting mob down a blind alley in Washington, DC on Saturday.

The 3:35 video begins with former Gov. Pat McCrory bidding goodbye to TV commentator Lou Dobbs on a city sidewalk. The mob approaches him and begins chanting and shouting, “Shame on you… You’re a bigot and an a**hole… You’re not a man, you’re a coward.”

Gov. McCrory retreats calmly in the company of three women and Mr. Dobbs down an alley to a building entrance that is locked. As they wait to be admitted, mob continues to chant, “Shame.” Just after the one minute mark, the ringleader says, “We’ve got you now.”

Two more anxious minutes pass until uniformed Secret Service officers arrive and usher the mob away. The mob turns on them, shouting, “Shame on the cops, too.”

Ubiquitous leftist rioters are fond of shouting “Shame,” but invariably incapable of it.

Dan Bishop -Newsletter - Screenshot - Bsasavaraj socialistDitto for the Charlotte Observer. The lede of its article is the breezy observation that “[l]ife following public service isn’t always easy when you’re known as the governor who signed [HB2].” Content with this revolting dose of schadenfreude, the one-time news organization credits Udai Basavaraj for the video, as if he’s a news photographer, and links to his Facebook account. But reports nothing about him.

Not for the first time, I have done the Observer’s work for it…

Basavaraj hails from Greensboro. His Gofundme pages beg $1,000 to attend Socialism 2016 in Chicago last July and two grand for buses to take members of the International Socialist Organization to Washington to protest President Trump’s inauguration.

In September, according to student newspaper The Carolinian, Basavaraj co-led an ISO informational meeting at UNCG where “socialists, Marxists, anarchists and those interested in learning about socialism gathered.” (The story did not note whether Basavaraj summarized the benefits of socialism for, say, Venezuela for the young people in attendance.)

Basavaraj’s cohort for the meeting was Juan Miranda, a socialist organizer, UNCG graduate assistant and fellow South Meck High alum, according to his Facebook page. Basavaraj’s Facebook post tagged Miranda as a participant in the mob that pinned McCrory against a building. One also wonders if the mob fell upon the former governor by coincidence or if they stalked him.

If Gov. McCrory were a former official of the District of Columbia, this incident might have been a crime punishable by five years in prison. D.C. Code § 22-851 (anyone who “by any threatening letter or communication, intimidates, . . . or retaliates against, or attempts to intimidate . . . or retaliate against” a current or former official “on account of the performance of [his or her] duties.”)

So should it be in North Carolina. This is dangerous. Jim Hunt, Bev Purdue and other governors never faced riotous mobs in their post-service, private lives, without personal security. If they had, the Observer of that day wouldn’t have laughed it off, which is contemptible.

When the General Assembly returns to Raleigh this week, I will introduce legislation to follow the lead of the District of Columbia and make it a crime to threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against a present or former North Carolina official in the course of, or on account of, the performance of his or her duties.

And I will also urge my colleagues to take other appropriate steps to guarantee the personal safety of Gov. McCrory by all necessary means.

Because lines are being crossed.

Dan Bishop is the elected representative for District 39 of the North Carolina State Senate. For more information about Dan Bishop’s background and key policy goals, visit To contact Sen. Bishop, email

Staff Note: No changes have been made to this newsletter other than that for formatting purposes and to include a link to an article (The Carolinian) which the newsletter refers to.

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