State of Contempt: The Lynch Pin

Loretta Lynch is the only Attorney General in American history to invoke her Fifth Amendment privileges in her appearance before Congress in October 2016 about the $1.7 billion dollar Iran ransom payments.

It is her constitutional right to assert that privilege, as it is for all Americans. However, it dramatically increased the already toxic environment between the Obama Justice Department and Congress and left serious concerns in the air about her actions surrounding the nearly two billion in cash payments to a hostile terrorist regime.

Independantly Sympathetic Presidential Appointment

There has been long-standing precedent that the Attorney General is independent from the President in their duty to enforce the rule of law. Yet the President appoints the Attorney General with advice and consent of the Senate and that appointee tends to be sympathetic to the President’s policies and priorities. They are partisan people, and as such, lend themselves to enforcing the platforms of the parties they represent.

Created in 1789, The Department of Justice has been widely feared as an independent organization by the likes of President Richard Nixon and Congress. But, like most of today’s institutions in Washington, that independence appears to have softened over time as ethical standards have eroded; such is the case of Loretta Lynch.

Absence of Watchdogs

The once great Washington Post, under the leadership of ‘Katharine the Great,’ Katharine Graham, empowered her reporters to go after real facts, hard-hitting evidence about what took place under Loretta Lynch’s tenure. Who could have imagined that the 1970’s would be the golden era of print media? Long gone are the days of a trustworthy word coming from that organization.

A Series of Misdeeds

In our previous report we discussed the caustic nature and apathy that Eric Holder had for Congress which gave him the dubious distinction as the only Attorney General in history to be found in contempt of Congress.

That charge was levied for his refusal to cooperate in the covert gun running Operation Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious was a train-wreck, a deadly mismanaged operation where at least one US law enforcement official and hundreds of Mexican citizens were murdered with weapons from the DOJ/ATF with Holder’s authorization.

Liker her predecessor, Lynch’s actions and her testimony took an already bad relationship and made it worse. It’s worth noting that Lynch appears to be a close friend of Eric Holder and his family; she is also a sorority sister of Holder’s wife, Sharon Malone.

Lynch Pin

Lynch Pin - Loretta Lynch - State of ContemptThere is a growing body of evidence that Loretta Lynch’s rocky tenure as Attorney General may hold the key to unraveling the truth behind scandalous tapping warrants, secret payments, clandestine operations, enabling powerful democratic politicians to escape prosecution, unsolved murders and other unreported transgressions.

She achieved what Nixon’s John Mitchell could only dream about: She used the full weight and force of the federal government against American citizens of an opposing party during an election. But where is the watchdog media?

Sadly, this was not a new strategy for the Obama administration.

She failed to release 70,000 documents relating to the IRS’s targeting of conservatives that were in the possession of the Justice Department.

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Lynch also helped stall the Hillary Clinton classified document investigation and refused to cooperate with Congress on the matter. We’ll take a closer look at Loretta Lynch’s relationship to the Clintons in the next installment of the State of Contempt series.

Lynch Authorized the Warrant

Under Federal Law, 50 U.S. Code § 1805 (a) (1), the Attorney General must approve the application for the warrant before it goes to a judicial panel in a FISA court.

A FISA order is used to collect information on a foreign entity when there is no other normal means available to gather the information – 50 U.S. Code § 1805 (6)(c).

According to the law there must be credible evidence that demonstrates, “each of the facilities at which surveillance directed is being used or about to be used by foreign power or agent thereof .” That could mean trouble for President Trump.

If the FISA standards were upheld, it could mean that there were at least two intelligence indicators that Trump’s equipment or personnel were about to act as foreign agents. However, with the revelation that General Flynn was a confidant of the Turkish regime and had been in contact with the Russian foreign minister, these would likely be indicators that could have been or were used as part of the FISA affidavit.

But, as we have previously reported, there is at least one cooperating witness in the tap of Trump tower during his presidential campaign.

Stated another way, someone in the Obama/Lynch Justice Department swore under penalty of perjury that they had evidence that Trump Tower was being used by a foreign power during the presidential campaign and/or that there was reasonable suspicion that Trump or one of his associates at the tower was about to be a secret foreign agent.

It would take evidence to get the warrant because Intelligence agencies operate under a multi-sourced rule of thumb, meaning that intelligence only becomes useful when the information is corroborated by more than one source.

The nature and extent of the previous administration’s invasion of privately owned electronic devices has yet to be accurately explained.

It must be stressed that this is not an ordinary case. This was a candidate running for the highest office in the nation, from the opposition party, that used the full-force of government to surveill them, umpask them, and leak them. The worlds most advanced and best-trained counter intelligence operatives were trained on Trump’s organization and his key advisers during the final stage of his Presidential bid. But at who’s direction?

In the next installment, we’ll dive deeper into the surveillance – who was involved, who knew about it, when they knew and how that information has been used to spin the narrative of a Russian web around the President.

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