Trickle-Down Hate: Eudy Mirrors National Dems

Trickle-Down Hate: Eudy Mirrors National Dems
by Mark Shiver

Ken Eudy is a senior advisor to Gov. Roy Cooper. By his own admission he doesn’t stand to honor our nation’s military. While such an admission is highly offensive, particularly in North Carolina with its military-rich presence, it is actually a mirror reflecting the leadership of the national Democratic party.

This became evident Tuesday night.

President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, giving a speech intended to unify the nation and shed light onto some on his policy priorities. During the speech, Trump took time to honor Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, who died in a raid in Yemen in January.

In his speech, Trump said, “I just spoke to Gen. Mattis, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, ”˜Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies.’”

Trump recognized Owens’ wife, Carryn, and paid tribute to Owens’ service to our country. There was initially bipartisan applause at the tribute, but as the applause wore on it was obvious that many Democrats, particularly in leadership positions, were not standing.

Dan Grilo, who identified himself as a former volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign, took things a step lower and actually criticized Owens’ widow on Twitter:

Grilo has reportedly since been fired and has deleted his Twitter account.

What is amazing in all of this reaction from the Left. Michael Moore and Bill Maher, for example, said Trump was merely using Owens’ widow as a prop. Such comments reveal an undercurrent of hatred. The America most love is not the Left’s America. They cannot be patriotic to an idea of America that they hate.

Meanwhile, here in the Tar Heel State, there are these words from Cooper’s senior adviser. Eudy said, “I do stand for the ”˜Star-Spangled Banner.’ But I stay in my seat when thousands of fans stand and cheer men and women in the armed services.”

Eudy also said, “I’m resolved that I won’t stand until we also honor the profession that will determine whether the United States remains free ”” school teachers.”

Perhaps Eudy might be hoping for a brand of teachers that will teach children of a different America, one that does not stand and respect those that serve and even die to protect our freedom.

Candidly, I have no idea why someone would not want to respect our military. As far as Eudy’s attitude toward them, as they say here in North Carolina, “He come by it honest.” Translation: He’s just mirroring the Democrats on the national stage.

Trickle-Down Hate: Eudy Mirrors National Dems by Mark Shiver first appeared on March 3, 2017 at NC Capitol ConnectionShiver is the host of the “What Matters in North Carolina” podcast.


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