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Roy Cooper Flip-Flops – Was for Immigration Pause Before He was Against it

On Sunday, Governor Roy Cooper committed a major flip-flop in a press release about President Trump’s Executive Order restricting travel from certain countries.

Jan. 29, 2017
Governor Roy Cooper issued the following statement on the recent Presidential executive order:

“The executive order issued by the President will make our homeland and our troops serving overseas less safe. Our vetting process has to be tough and thorough, but we should not impose a religious test to enter the country. It’s especially troubling that individuals who risked their lives to protect our troops and served alongside them are now being turned away. We can secure the safety of our country without separating families, hurting our businesses, and turning away good people who need our help.”

First, the obvious flaw in the statement is where the Governor alleges use of “religious tests.”  That’s not in the Executive Order. It’s not even in the related Visa Waiver program the Obama administration made changes to.

Gov. Roy Cooper

Second, Cooper irresponsibly seems to be reinforcing an idea presented by Trump on the campaign trail. This was an idea, not an actual policy that’s been put in place.

Perhaps it was the speech Trump gave on August 15, 2016 that mentioned ‘extreme vetting’ in which he detailed the long list of terrorist attacks which have occurred, both on U.S. soil and abroad, was where Cooper got this notion of  a “religious test.”

Frankly, who knows because his position on the topic of immigration appears to be fluid and Governor Cooper was apparently for travel pauses before he was against them.

Lets step back in time to November 2015.  Local media outlet, WRAL, captured Cooper’s comments on pausing refugee entries into the United States:

“As chief law enforcement officer of North Carolina, I support asking the federal government to pause refugee entries to make sure we have the most effective screening process possible so our humanitarian efforts are not hijacked,” Cooper said in a statement issued through his campaign. “At the same time, we must not let political fear-mongering on this issue divert our attention and resources from stopping terrorists who may already be here or who are trying to get into our country in other ways.”


“We would trust [the federal government] more if they would tell us more about what they’re doing,” he said in a press conference Monday. “I want to make sure we’re not opening ourselves up to a potential terrorist situation.”

What was apparently fine for refugees then is not fine for them now?

What President Obama put in place over a year ago was acceptable to Governor Cooper. In fact, he didn’t utter a negative peep about the Visa Waiver program changes or the restrictions on those countries.

But now it’s not because it’s a Republican President seeking to protect the country using the same template as the previous Democrat president. Well now, that’s different?

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