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Editorial: Does Roy Cooper Need a Stunt Double?

Does Roy Cooper Need a Stunt Double?

A stuntman is governing NC. A series of stunts is not leadership.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper attempted to call for a special session of the legislature on the topic of redistricting.

That call was swiftly denied by the legislature.

What this move also represented was an attempt to cash in politically on the recent Supreme Court ruling, which affirmed a lower court’s decision that 2011 congressional and stat voting maps were racially gerrymandered.

Cooper called for a special session before any court has determined what should happen next is aptly being called a political stunt by Speaker of the House, Tim Moore (R-Cleveland):

“Governor Cooper has no constitutional role in redistricting and his latest political stunt is an effort to deter House lawmakers from our work on a bipartisan budget that received support from both parties.”

It may be a valid question to ask: Does Roy Cooper do his own stunts?

Or perhaps, Does Roy Cooper need a stunt double going forward?

Roy Cooper Stunt T-Shirt 470This is not the first incident in which Governor Cooper’s activities could be deemed worthy of a stunt label.

Just look at the history of the mess Cooper made out of the attempts to find a resolution HB2. All of it for the sake of raising money and political point scoring.

Boy, that ended well for him. Or not.

Cooper has sued the legislature three times in less than 6 months. One suit was dismissed unanimously in nearly record time.

Cooper also signed NC up to support the controversial Paris Accord and hyper a letter to the Trump administration over FEMA aid refusal.

Cooper left out of the letter the fact the last round of aid still has to be fully spent. Maybe he didn’t know.  Maybe he did.

Each time over the last two weeks when the Supreme Court has made an announcement regarding cases in North Carolina, Cooper has been front and center bending the news to slam, cripple and eviscerate Republicans.

In each of these cases, Cooper made sure a fundraising email followed within hours of the related press conference.

The only time Cooper seems to be able to stay silent is when a d-list comedienne does a photo shoot holding the severed, bloody head of the President.

More about that FEMA Aid

American Lens requested the FEMA rejection documentation from the Governor’s office.

We had to ask three times over the course of a month before we received any type of reply.  The response we did receive was alarming:

“Our office was notified of this information in the course of conversations with the offices of Senator Thom Tillis and Congressman David Price. We have not identified any records responsive to your request.”

According to this reply, the Governor has based his letter ‘blasting’ the Trump administration based only on “conversations.”

American Lens has reached out to Senator Tillis and to NC Emergency Management Services Director Michael Sprayberry to obtain the documentation and we are awaiting replies.

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