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School For Creative Studies Teachers Post New Photo for “Racists” To See

Earlier this week, Durham teachers at the School for Creative Studies posted a photo of the group reenacting the toppling of a Durham statue to social media.

The Durham Herald Sun quoted known far left organizer and socialist, Bryan Proffitt, defending the School for Creative Studies photo.

Proffitt is a Durham history teacher that the NC media has repeatedly cited over the last 3-4 years with zero regard or mention of his arrest record and radical affiliations. He’s a leader of the NCAE’s social justice caucus “Organize 2020”, a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and on the board of a non-profits involved in fundraising for the legal fees of those arrested for destroying the Durham statue.

Here is an excerpt from the Durham Herald Sun, where Proffitt makes excuses for the School for Creative Studies teachers. Proffitt explains that they were gleefully reenacting a crime because it was for “morale” and “doughnuts.”

He said the photo was posted as part of “Red for Ed,” a weekly “morale builder” for educators across the state.

In Durham, Proffitt delivers Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the teachers whose photo gets the most “likes” on the DAE Facebook page.

“It’s important to understand the context of the photo,” Proffitt said.

In response to critics who have questioned the use of the school setting for such a photo, Proffitt said the photo was taken after school hours and that the teacher who took it used a personal cell phone camera.

Context? The context is this group of teachers enthusiastically reenacting a crime and posted it to a publicly accessible social media page. Who cares what was used to take it or when it was taken?  The photo was on school property and any student with access to Facebook could view it.

Glorifying the destruction of public property just because one opposes something is not the message to send to parents, students or the community.   BUT DOUGHNUTS.

DCS Durham Statue Recreation - Durham Teachers - School for Creative Studies

Bryan Profitt billed this picture as a ‘morale building’ event about ‘getting doughnuts’.
This begs the question: Does Mr. Proffitt think the public is stupid?

The article also include Proffitt touting the First Amendment rights of teachers. No one has questioned their right to free speech.

The First Amendment applies to all citizens, including teachers, that’s not up for debate.  However, what is being questioned is their judgement – or lack thereof.

Teachers at School for Creative Studies Double Down?

More questioning of judgement is likely to follow given what has replaced the reenactment photo on the Durham Association of Educations Facebook page.

Embedding of the image was turned off.  At least three of the teachers in the new photo participated in the reenactment photo.

083017 DSC FB Post - School for Creative Studies

The above image was posted on August 30th by fellow member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Organize2020 member and Social Justice activist, Anca Stefan.

No text was published with the photo, making it unclear if this photo was a counter-reaction to the public outcry over the school’s vandalism reenactment photo. The theme seems to be ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.

Comments on the new photo included, “smash white supremacy” and “Welp, the racists are gonna see this and be like “these teachers are telling our kids to speak no evil! Off with their heads!”  “Strong,” posted Bryan Proffitt on the photo.

Personal Note From the Author: Enough with the Social Justice BS in our Schools.

As a parent of two kids in the public school system in this state, I’m alarmed at the rising levels of social justice being infused into what should be basic course material, as well as being openly pushed in our classrooms.

My eyes were opened quickly when my oldest child in his first few months of kindergarten had a protest flier come home in their backpack. The protest was being organized and promoted by the NCAE’s union pushing social justice caucus, Organize2020.

We can’t afford private school and we are eyeballing charter school options, but I’ve made it my mission to insert myself into every aspect of my children’s education. This is something every parent needs to do, no matter where they land on the issues of the day.

For every moment wasted on using the ‘correct pronouns’, phobias and ‘isms’, or whatever the social justice cause du jour is, that is another moment our kids are not being taught the skills they came there to learn: reading, writing, math, history and science.

Teachers in this state have repeatedly asked for ‘respect’ and they deserve it. They also lose respect when they pull activist themed stunts on public property – and they deserve that too.  That’s the First Amendment in action and it goes both ways.

Teachers are more than welcome to their own opinions, beliefs and views. Teachers are not welcome to impose those personal views on the students they teach.

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