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A NC Special Needs Class Thanks You – iPads Goal Met!

ipad - ipadsA week ago, I wrote about a Special Needs teacher who was attempting to raise money to purchase iPads for her special needs class via Donors Choose.

Jenny Snyder teaches elementary children a self-contained Intellectually Disabled – Moderate classroom and she’s started a drive on Donors Choose to get these iPads for her students.

“My students have many learning needs such as communication, behavioral, academic and daily living skills mastery,” Snyder wrote on her iPad Donors Choose page.

I am thrilled to report that through help from some generous donors who hailed from as far away as California and New Jersey, our readers, and matching donations from Aspect Ventures, Jenny Snyder has reached her fundraising goal.

Her class is going to get the iPads they so desperately want and need.

Mrs. Snyder left a thank you note to the 25 donors who reached into their hearts and wallets to help her and her kids out.

Wow!! Thank you so much for funding my project. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. My students and I are so excited to have iPads that we can keep and not have to borrow when we need them. We already have so many ideas of what we’re going to do on the iPads. We are ready to incorporate more technology into our learning and make it more fun. We are so thankful for each and every one of you!! Thank you again!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Snyder

No, Mrs. Snyder, thank YOU for caring about your students and going the extra mile to enhance their academic experience.

Do you know a teacher or are a teacher in North Carolina who needs help like Mrs. Snyder did?

American Lens would like to help. Hit the American Lens contributor submission form and let us know about the cause or need at hand.

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