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This Special Needs Teacher Needs Your Help Getting iPads

A Special Needs teacher in Wake County needs your help obtaining iPads for her kids.

Jenny Snyder teaches elementary children a self-contained Intellectually Disabled – Moderate classroom and she’s started a drive on Donors Choose to get these iPads for her students.

ipad-ipads“My students have many learning needs such as communication, behavioral, academic and daily living skills mastery,” writes Snyder on her iPad Donors Choose page.

Right now, Snyder only has one iPad and shares another with a different class.

“My kids fight over the iPad,” said Snyder. “Sometimes they need breaks in between academics, so I will let them do something educational like StarFall or something on the iPad for a few minutes as a ‘down activity’ or ‘down time’.

Snyder said some of the curriculum they are using is easier and more engaging for her students when they do it on the iPad.

“Most of my curriculum comes from Unique Learning – that’s a program that we use,” Snyder said.  “It can be interactive and it is really nice if I can have them do it on the iPad rather than me having to do it on the Smart Board, because I have children at various levels.”

Snyder also said using the iPad helps with individualizing lesson instruction for her special needs kids.  Since her students are at different learning levels, using technology like the iPads goes a long way to helping differentiate instruction for each child.

Right now, Snyder is asking for funding for five iPads, however she says she really would like to get ten – one for each student.

Snyder has achieved $927 dollars of her current $2,084 goal.  She still needs just over $926 to achieve that goal. Once purchased, the iPads will stay at the school  and will be kept there for future students to use.

American Lens is calling on the public and our readers – Mrs. Snyder only has until April 4th to complete her goal.  Can you help this teacher and her Special Needs students out?

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