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Southern Poverty Law Center Alt-Right Boogieman

SPLC LOGO - Southern Poverty Law CenterThe SPLC appears to be attempting to further polarize college campuses using a flimsy report to hype their new boogie man, the “alt-right.”

The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), which is sued for defamation already, put out a guide in August for college campus educators all about the “alt-right.”

The guide was pushed in emails from SPLC’s education group, Teaching Tolerance, which recently put out Social Justice Standards for teachers to use for free in K-12 classrooms.

SPLC, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit, has also recently come under fire for sending “millions” of dollars to offshore entities – mainly in the Cayman Islands, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

SPLC’s Alt-Right Guide

The main thrust of the document is to highlight persons that SPLC believes are white supremacists, racists and nazis while laying blame for their existence at the feet of the Trump administration.

The guide, which can be downloaded in PDF format, has sections with assuming titles such as “Why is the Alt-Right Targeting Campuses?”  and “Who is the Alt-Right: The Shock Troops.”

There’s also a section on ‘what to do and what to say’ if you encounter the “alt-right.” The opening sentence is laughable.

When an alt-right personality is scheduled to speak on campus, the most effective course of action is to de­prive the speaker of the thing he or she wants most – a spectacle.

All “Alt-left” groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have done is create spectacles.

In North Carolina, a spectacle was manufactured by a Durham Councilwoman who retweeted a rumor that caused the city to grind to a halt.  The original tweet came from the attorney representing the “alt-left” communist World Workers Party members who destroyed a statue.

11 arrests have been made in connection to the Durham statue incident. Those who vandalized the statue in Durham are now urging others across the country to “do it like Durham” and destroy public property in a similar fashion.

The section goes on, detailing how to “inoculate the campus against such extremism before these speakers appear on campus.”

SPLC’s claim that the “alt-right” is targeting campuses is myopic at best as they do not offer a single piece of documentation of the “alt-left” in their guide or on their website. This lack of “alt-left” coverage is arguably mainly due to the “alt-left” being in ideological sync with SPLC.

The SPLC “Shock Troops” and “Brain Trust”

It’s unclear what SPLC thinks the term “shock troops means”, but the organization singles out 4 people known to be white supremacists as proof of “shock troops.”

Large groups of people, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Black Bloc, Anarchists, Socialist, Communists. These are what Americans see as shock troops — the ones hurling bricks, rocks, bottles, molotov cocktails and more.

The alleged “brain trust” section of the guide consists of Steve Bannon, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson and David Horowitz.

Throughout the document, SPLC relies on the statements made by white nationalists like Richard Spencer to support their position that the Trump administration and Trump himself are racists and alt-right.

Nowhere in the document does SPLC cite asking the administration for comment nor does SPLC note the multiple times President Trump has refuted such charges or has denounced racist figures such as David Duke.

SPLC to Students: Tell Groups Not To Invite Conservative Speakers

In the guide, SPLC makes the point of telling college students they should intervene when a conservative speaker is being invited to their campus.

SPLC does its best to make their suggested actions sound innocuous, but what this really is about is shutting down free speech.

Here’s the section, emphasis added:

Go to its meetings. Take cop­ies of this brochure. Outline what you’ve learned. Relay your concerns. If the group is a conserva­tive or young Republican group, make it clear this is not an anti-Trump campaign. This is an anti-racist campaign. Ask the hosts why they are inviting the speaker. Is it purely political? Is it to foster honest debate? Or is it sophomoric theater at the expense of fellow students? Do they understand what the alt-right wants? Have they viewed their talks? Have they considered the potential for harm? If possible, have a student of color or member of another targeted group tell their story to the stu­dent group. The story should demonstrate that the invitation will have serious, painful consequences for a fellow student or group of students. Finally, ask the group not to host the alt-right or to rescind an invitation.

Readers should ask themselves, when has the alt-left ever simply asked for a speakers invitation to be revoked?  Berkeley has demonstrated to the nation multiple times there is no asking.

Editorial Note: SPLC and its offshoots are liberally biased and produce politically motivated propaganda that aligns with their organization’s radical progressive ideology. As such, American Lens will not be sending their website any traffic. This article does not contain links to the alt-right guide nor any web page associated with SPLC or Teaching Tolerance. Readers are encouraged to do their own research.
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