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UC Berkeley Response to Free Speech? Violence and Riots.

Last night, students at UC Berkeley showed the world what they think about anyone having a view that doesn’t align with theirs by assaulting people, shooting fireworks off at police, starting fires, destroying property and general rioting.


Milo Yiannopolous of Breitbart News was scheduled to give a talk there on the subject of ‘cultural appropriation’. Instead of engaging Yiannopolous in dialogue, debate or in a civil exchange of ideas, the event was canceled after protests turned into violent rioting and multiple assaults.

Yiannopolous posted a video statement about the riots on YouTube.

“It turns out that the progressive left, the social justice left, the feminist, black lives matter, antifa [anti-fascism] left, the ‘hard’ left has become so utterly antithetical to free speech.” Yiannopolous says in the video.

“UC Berkeley of course being the home of the free speech movement,” says Yiannopolous, “it’s both ironic and sad that this campus appears to be nowhere.. no friends to free speech anymore.”

In a phone interview with Tucker Carlson, Yiannopolous remarked that,”No one’s safety is at risk from different opinions. No one’s physical safety is endangered by political ideas from a speaker on campus, but universities have sort of allowed this stuff to happen, and even in some cases encouraged it.”

At the 8:34 mark in the video below, broadcasters from ABC 7 discuss whether or not anyone attempted to leave the building before the fire was set outside.

One broadcaster inadvertently describes the inherent intimidation displayed in every Leftist/Anarchist protest that has occurred over the last few years when he responds by saying, “If anyone had climbed those stairs to go into the building, in front of this crowd, they would have been shouted down and it would have been a ruckus unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

How is that even remotely acceptable?

Students trashed their own student union. They pepper sprayed a girl in a Trump hat and assaulted another student who came out as ‘for freedom of speech’ and ‘for Milo’.

These UC Students shot off fireworks at police, injuring some of them, and then set fires.

Another video captures the UC Berkeley rioters dressed in black with their faces covered as they attack the student union. The rioters can be heard chanting, ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA’ as they rioted.

Below are two videos posted to Twitter via CNN and ABC News. ABC News who characterized the riots and violence at UC Berkeley as “protests.”

This was not a protest, it was a riot. Judging from the array of professionally printed signs, likely a planned riot with a clear message.

“THIS IS WAR” and “Become Ungovernable”

The image above came from the Occupy Oakland Twitter account.  The tweet reads as follows: We won this night. We will control the streets. We will liberate the land. We will fight fascists. We will dismantle the state. This is war.

The POTUS also weighed in on Twitter, hinting that a campus that violates the rights of others and allows violence to take the place of debate perhaps shouldn’t be receiving federal funding.

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