A Visual: The Mainstream Media's Antifa Versus The Real Antifa ⋆ American Lens

A Visual: The Mainstream Media’s Antifa Versus The Real Antifa

Boston Antifa - Media Bias - Mainstream media - Violence - Urine Bottles
A second water bottle is thrown at a Donald Trump supporter during a free speech rally in Boston – August 19, 2017. Image via NBC Boston.

The mainstream media, led by CNN, has undertaken efforts to airbrush the suppressive, authoritarian nature of the Antifa movement.

While acknowledging the group engages in violence, left-leaning media outlets and sympathetic supporters suggest it’s only done in an effort to root out white supremacists and other similar hate-filled types. “Progressive” news commentators have even gone so far as to insinuate that Antifa are a modern day version of the brave American heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy during WWII.

It’s insulting. In reality, their comparisons and rationalizations couldn’t be further from the truth. The group is a rehash/combination of violent and aggressive Occupy Wall Street/Black Lives Matter/Black Bloc figures who want to stamp out any opinions that are contra to their worldview. Legitimate opinions that have nothing to do with racism or nationalism.

And if you’re a Republican, or a conservative, or voted for Donald Trump (or some combination of all three), you’re automatically lumped in with white supremacists whether it happens to be true or not. And as a result, to the mainstream media, the actions of Antifa can be justified.

Below are some examples of the mainstream media’s – and the left’s (but I repeat myself) – attempts at painting the radical left wing group in a heroic light.

Reality check:

Folks, if these people are your nurses, teachers, and neighbors, “modern day Normandy beach heroes”, you should be afraid. Very afraid.

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