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Wake County Public Schools has History of Fighting

Over the last few weeks, there have been several disturbing incidents reported in Wake County Public Schools.

One incident was at Wake Forest High School.

A black student named Micah Speed was caught on video grabbing a white student by the backpack and slamming him backwards onto the floor. The response from the white student as he gets up off the floor is to curse at the black student. This response prompts Speed to repeat of the first assault.

ABC 11 has the video:

The NC NAACP is apparently demanding meetings with Wake County Public Schools officials and Wake Forest High administrators over the incident.

Speed says he attacked the other student because he was ‘fed up’ with racist comments from the other student. In short, one student used words and the other used violence. That observation was made by the teacher at the school who was recorded breaking up the incident.

It’s worth mentioning that in the video report below from WNCN, Speed’s mother doesn’t once apologize for her son’s behavior in any way. Instead, she wants his suspension expunged.

Another incident comes out of Leesville Road Middle School.

In a video that was apparently filmed outside of school, several students filmed themselves making a, “music video” which contained offensive comments and chanting about the KKK.

Meanwhile, in Wake public schools, former reporter Pam Saulsby is substitute teaching. What she reports in her article at the News and Observer is also disturbing.

Her article chronicles  her frustrations and the “insolent” behavior and constant use of the N-word by “black or brown young men”:

“The work is demanding, with its urgency, frayed nerves, and hopscotching from one school to another. But what continues to strike me as I navigate the hallways is the insolent behavior of many students of color. They’re nearly always black or brown young men disrespecting themselves and others with little regard for the consequences.

There is an alphabet soup of curriculum courses created for the troublesome. They’re separate from the general classes, and their primary purpose is not to educate, but to control and contain. They carry names such as Curriculum Assistance, Cross Curriculum Resources, In School Suspension, and Alternative Learning to name a few. The students assigned to these classes are almost all black or brown and male.

I remember one occasion when I was cautioned repeatedly to be on alert for my fourth block math class. When class time rolled around I learned why. The students came into the classroom loud and unhinged, cursing, playing music, with “N-word” this, and “N-word” that. It’s an image I will not soon forget.”

The NC NAACP has not demanded a meeting with administrators in Wake about this.

Fights in Wake County Public Schools are not a rarity. In fact, there’s  a disturbing history in the district.

In 2015, several videos of fights occurring at Wake county public high schools surfaced.
It was was revealed that Raleigh police had been called over 209 times to all eight of Raleigh’s high schools.

Questions arose as to the districts suspension policies and various left-leaning activist groups used the incidents to further dialogue about the alleged ‘school to prison pipeline’.

*This article has been updated to correct one section mislabeled as Durham to Wake.

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