10 Survival Tips For All Travellers


Many people love traveling. Travelling is part of human life, and it requires a lot of preparations and activities for your journey to be successful. Lack of proper knowledge or tips on traveling makes the traveler have a terrible trip. You should always ensure your ride is comfortable and worth awesome memories. Here are ten survival tips while traveling to ensure you have a remarkable journey:

Take Time to Plan

Always ensure you take enough time to plan your journey. Maybe you are traveling to a new place, you should do enough research and plan to avoid a bad experience. Make sure you don’t rush as you may leave behind important things you were supposed to carry. You should make a list of all you need and tick one by one as you pack them.

Make Photocopies of Relevant Documents

Photocopies will help in case you forget or lose your original documents. Don’t pack them in the same bag if you are carrying all of them. One bag may get lost, and the other would help.

Know the Travel Cost Before Traveling

Imagine finding out the price is extra high than you had planned your budget when you reach the traveling stage. This will make you terminate the journey or cut off your pocket money and add as traveling costs.

Separate your Cash

Ensure you don’t put all your money in one place. Put them in different areas like different bags or wallets to avoid getting stranded when you are pickpocketed, or you lose your bag.

Pack Extra Camera Batteries or a Charging Gadget

Traveling involves taking lots of pictures. You wouldn’t want your camera to shut down while you are about to take pictures. Carry extra, fully charged batteries or chargers in case your phone or camera battery dies.

Pack Extra Clothes and Personal things

Your journey may take longer than planned. Add extra underwear, some warm or cold weather clothes depending on where you are going. Take time to pack clothes and choose the rightful ones for the kind of journey you are taking.

Carry Entertaining Kinds of Stuff

You may want to carry a book, magazine, or even a headphone. They will prevent you from being bored if the journey is so long or when you are lonely.

Pack some Medications or an Aid Kit

Painkillers are useful if you get a headache, stomachache. Traveling for a long time or to a place you are not used to may bring somebody reactions. Accompany yourself with packed water for hydration and to swallow the pills if the need arises.

Inform Someone of your Journey

You should let someone know about your traveling plans. In case something happens to you while travelling. Tell someone close to you about your travel schedule till the time you return. This is mostly better if you are traveling alone.

Pack some Snacks

Not all traveling means provide food. Pack something to eat to avoid starving. Eating snacks will even make you enjoy the travel and keeps you busy. Baking or buying snacks before starting your journey is quite better.

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