8 Qualities of Healthy Relationships


No sane human being wants to be in a bad relationship. We all want to love and be loved or simply put, to be in a healthy relationship. This is a relationship that has the following qualities:

Respect. This implies the following:

  • You accept your partner for whom he or she is.
  • No one has power over the other.
  • There is freedom, and you appreciate each other’s ideas and feelings.

Respect is very vital. It enhances safety, trust, and wellbeing in a relationship. Some ways of showing respect include:

  • Helping each other grow mentally and emotionally.
  • Supporting each other’s career and hobby.
  • Addressing each other kindly.

Transparency. In a relationship, you will definitely be hurt if you discover information that your partner has been hiding from you. Worse, if your partner goes ahead planning something without informing you, for instance, where to spend a vacation, you will still be hurt. A healthy relationship means complete openness or simply, no secrets. When the parties involved in a relationship keep information from each other, their bond weakens and with time, intimacy is also lost. A healthy relationship should have transparency, for it builds trust.

Involve each other in decision making. A decision made by one person can be disastrous. Again, if you make decisions without involving your partner, this can lead to separation or divorce. There are things that you cannot handle alone and to avoid conflicts, you have to involve your partner. Some of these include:

  • Spending and saving money.
  • Family planning styles.
  • Where to live.
  • The number of children to have.
  • Amount to spend with extended family, especially in-laws.
  • When to retire.
  • Who will be working while the other stays with children?

Solve conflicts peacefully. Conflicts should not separate you. They should actually strengthen the bond. In a healthy relationship, conflicts are opportunities to learn and grow. No human is perfect and mistakes will always emerge. When this happens, do not hate your partner. Talk about the issue calmly and take action to solve it.

Communication. Perfect relationships do not exist. Every relationship has its strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses can be handled if the two parties communicate in the desired way. Communication is a key factor in a healthy relationship. This is because:

  • It makes you understand each other.
  • Respect is built.
  • The bond is strengthened.

Loyalty. This means being honest with each other about feelings and thoughts. It is essential for it will help you achieve great things together. Without loyalty, a relationship cannot stand.

Commitment. If a task has to be done, there should be no excuse. One should aim at fulfilling what they had previously planned. This builds love.

Love. In a healthy relationship, you love each other genuinely. This makes one feel secure and cared for. It really hurts when one loves and cares for the other but this is not reciprocated.

To cap it all, the above qualities of a healthy relationship should be employed for people to live fulfilling lives.

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