8 Ways to Show Love to Your Pet


8 Ways to Show Love to Your Pet

In this article, you are going to discover amazing ways on how you can show love to your pets.

Use of Facial Expression

Facial expressions are an important way to show and communicate with your pet. For example, a dog will make so many facial expressions when it is around a person compared to when it in the company of other dogs. You can use facial expressions to extend your love to your pets. Try raising your left eyebrow in a way to connect to your dog. You will be surprised because it will respond exactly in the same way.

Let them Sleep with You

Letting your pet sleep with you makes the pet feel loved. This an act of showing affection and trust. This is because when the pets are asleep they are vulnerable. Sanwald says that allowing them to sleep with you makes them feel like you are amongst its packs. Snuggle your pet for a few minutes daily and make it feel loved and connected to you.

Hug Your Pets

Hug your pet? Yes! You can hug your pet to make them feel loved and trusted, especially if your pet is a dog. According to Sanwald dogs tend to lean onto people. This is their way of asking for a hug from their owners. But this display of their need for affection is often confused to be a weird behavior. So the next time you see your pet leaning towards just reach out and hug them. This act will make them feel loved and appreciated.


Another way to extend your love to your pet is by signing up for a training session with them. Formal training according to Sanwald is a very good way to enhance a good relationship between you guys. This act is beneficial for both of you two. you guys will not only be busy but also happy. Reinforcement after your pet has demonstrated a trained move or behavior is a good way to make your pet feel that you adore it very much.

Discover a Trick Together

Pets find happiness in learning and discovering new tricks in the company of their owners. A simple trick like spin, bow or sit is a good trick to teach your pet. If it is a dog, reward it with a tasty treat. This move will make your pet feel loved and happy too.

Let Them Have Their Own Space

At times pets also love being alone. For example, cats love sleeping during the day. So when you interfere with their sleep they might feel disturbed and attack.

Give Them Attention

Just like human beings, pets also love getting attention. Spare some time and show your pet some love.

Study Their Warning Signs

Each pet has a warning sign. Learn your pet and know the signs it shows whenever it gets agitated. This will help you know when to step aside. This move will boost a good relationship between you and your pet.


Involving your pet into the above activities will surely make them feel more loved and trusted. Your pet will always see you as a provider of exciting things and activities in life. In turn, your pet will always want to return the favor by making you happy.

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