Friday, August 17, 2018

About Us

Welcome to American Lens

We want to be your ‘go-to’ site for news and investigative journalism.

Our Goal:

To be America’s most reliable provider of newsworthy content that is accurate, complete, and clearly understandable.

Our Journey:

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to grow our site and deliver fresh, compelling content.  We are committed to exposing the truth behind media bias, under-reported corruption, misleading stories, and often-outright lies. We want you to learn about the truth behind stories that are important to Americans. We promise to provide in-depth, engaging, shareable, aggressively investigated, and exclusive content when possible.

Our Pledge:

We pledge to take a no-holds bared approach to investigating the details that many news media outlets leave out of their reporting. While we strive to maintain objectivity, we also know that some details emerge over time. As new information becomes available we will update our stories to ensure you have access to the facts. We promise to do our best to deliver the truth about the issues that matter to you. We will follow leads, report on the facts, and when possible, we provide sources for you to use in determining for yourself about the outcome of the reporting. We are not advocates of any political party or political organizations. We go where the story takes us.


We are a for-profit company. We will not discriminate. We will occasionally be controversial by reporting the truth. Our content providers come from many different disciplines; perspectives and political affiliations and we encourage a wide-range of perspectives in our reporting.