Building Relationships

Meaningful relationships should not only be mutual but also useful, as that is what leads to growth, success, and they also open doors for tremendous opportunities. As much as we strive to advance our causes, we should also elevate ourselves big time by advancing the causes of other people. Ideally, this is what is known as the law of reciprocity, and it proposes that you must lead with value to people you have met if you are to receive the most value in return.

Whether it’s in business, life, professional and personal growth, building relationships is the most important aspect of growth. You see, success is mostly about relationships. Relationships help you to remain motivated while pursuing your goals. Additionally, the lessons you learn from your relationships with other people make you inspired all the time, even when hardships come your way. So, how can you build relationships?

This article brings along everything you need to know about building powerful relationships. By the time you’re done reading through the proven tips, you will have already know how to create powerful and long-lasting relationships that can yield value for you and other people. Read on.

Give Much and Don’t Expect Much

This tip is timeless because that is how the powerful relationships on earth were built- by positively influencing people. Always show the world what you can for rather than what it can do for you. If you want other people to experience value, help them achieve it, and with a clean heart. One reason why many people are always unsuccessful at building lasting, meaningful relationships is that they are not able to flip the paradigm that we shouldn’t do things for our selfish gains. What this means is that you shouldn’t be in it for yourself only.

Guess what? If that is how the world operated, not even one person would get anything. Prove to other people what you can give to them instead of focusing on your needs. Do you get the idea?

Show Others That You Care

Whether you are meeting a person for the first time or you already know them, always have a passion to curiously learn who they truly are. See what you admire in other people and visualize what those traits mean for you. When you play the role of a detective, you become curious. It’s at this point and time that your passion and enthusiasm start showing. In other words, the best aspects of your show. That’s exactly how you want to represent yourself, right?

Find Your Common Past and See How to Grow Together

The present is a perfect collection of who we were in the past. In simpler terms, impactful moments and our connections emanate from our past experiences. That being said, it’s important to find a bond or past that connects you with other people, at least to see how all of you can leverage those pieces for collective growth. While doing this, give other people your undivided attention and you’ll be glad that you listened.

You see, to connect with other people and form a meaningful relationship out of that, we may need to know what each of you has been. You could be pleasantly surprised that you share many experiences and similar dreams.

Value Every Meeting

Learn to take all meetings seriously and view them as successful, even those that you feel you won’t get much out of them.

What’s most important is that there’s always something to learn every day. If you have been looking at meetings in terms of instant results, then it’s the highest time you realized that your approach is just but a short-term strategy. In other words, don’t meet people with your unrealistic agenda.

Be Mindful and Always Strive to Look for New Ideas

Last but not the least, strive to read between the lines. For example, you may conduct a meeting under the auspices of seeking a job only for it to turn out as a good idea to help you figure out the mission for your life.

Building relationships means you want to build the life you want. As such you should be mindful and always on the lookout for new innovative ideas and great opportunities. Be the author of your story. If you’re interested in building a relationship with other people, you should lead by example.