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Can Photography Be More Than A Hobby?

Photography is a hobby that many of us practise simply because we want to record a memory of an event that we are part of, or to capture a beautiful idyllic landscape. Perhaps an animal that we thought looked cute. However, it is also possible to make it your business. Starting A Photography Business is a way of not just turning photography into a profitable hobby but making it your lifelong career. If you believe that you have the talent for it, then the next step is to consider what equipment you might need to produce professional results, and how it is that a business is successfully run.

When looking for a camera as a professional photographer, you will need to consider both still cameras and video cameras. This is because you will be attending all kinds of events and occasions where there will be a requirement to record that memory for prosperity. The bride and groom might want still photographs taken outside the church, but then moving footage of all their guests inside the reception and party venues. You will need to be flexible to your client’s requirements. You are now working for them.

What is the Best Type of Stills Camera to Buy?

When looking to buy a camera that takes images of a professional quality, you will need to consider its megapixel count and shutter lag, and its ability to be able to extend its zoom capabilities. You will want to be able to put the camera in manual modes as well as automatic. A detachable zoom lens is essential so that lenses of different lengths can be added to the camera as desired. From a storage point of view, you will want the camera to have available storage solutions that protect the camera that you will be taking to a whole manner of destinations. Your equipment will now be more expensive than it was when you were an amateur photographer.

It is widely considered that a camera should have at least 7.2 megapixels to be capable of producing a print of 8 x 10 inches to a sufficient quality. However, as a professional photographer, you will want to blow up pictures to a greater size. So, you should consider 10-20 megapixels to meet your needs. Then, it is better to spend the extra money on different lenses and filters. Professional photographers will also opt for full frame sensors that are the same size as 35mm film. Now with the capabilities of being able to produce photographs to magazine quality, enlarged but with no loss of quality to the image, there is also the possibility of sending your best work in the direction of magazine articles and for calendar production.

Which Video Camera Should I Choose?

For a video camera, you will need to consider the same quality as with a “stills camera”, alongside image stabilization capabilities, and portability. For better quality you will want to record sound via a separate microphone rather than one built-in to the camera. The portability of your equipment is important because you will need to transport your video camera around by yourself, as a small start-up business. This will include extra equipment needed for lighting and tripods to ensure a stable image is recorded. This has been made easier with the advent of digital technology. It is notable how large the early television cameras used to be. High quality moving images are now possible from smaller equipment. There is further information available online about the Professional video camera, explaining its history and how it differs from those the hobbyist will use.

Other Considerations for Starting Up a Business

To start up your own business, you will need an understanding of your market and who your potential clients and competition might be. Research conducted in this area will be a useful place to start. If you can bring someone else onboard with additional skills that would help. You will need to write a business plan if you are planning to borrow any money from a bank to start up the business. You will need transport suitable for delivering yourself and your camera equipment to venues. A knowledge of accounts will be necessary if you are planning to manage the finances of your business yourself. It will save on accountancy fees if you can produce your own accounts. There are various books on the subject and computer packages designed to help you to record the information in a form that can produce your year-end accounts.


So, as a professional photographer setting up in business, you will need cameras capable of taking sharp, high-resolution images, and knowledge as to how to run your business on a self-employed or freelance basis.



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