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Running a Business Blog

We’ve all heard it, a blog is a business. Take this website for example…

That’s it. You’ve got your business plans and goals and you’re going to get them written down and done. Whether you are using blogging to generate revenue or whether you are running a personal blog, you’ve got to do it.

But it’s so much more than that.

Blogging is an incredible business tool that helps businesses achieve and enhance their success. You can’t expect success if you haven’t written down what your goals are and if you don’t have a marketing plan.

What’s your business plan or marketing plan for your business blog?

Tips for Running a Successful Blog

A business blog needs a marketing plan. That means you need to know what your target audience is and what you want to do and why. You could do a giveaway from the likes of SixHats Supply Co. to generate some engagement, but that would require you to know your audience, as suggested.

Writing about something you know will get your blog noticed is not a good idea. A blog should be about what you have to say and you should have an opinion on the subject. That doesn’t mean you have to be a biased business. I’m not going to write about Mr. Clean. Not because I have some bias against Mr. Clean or Mr. Clean’s cleaning products but because it is about what I have to say.

Even if Mr. Clean never comes to my blog, if I don’t write about Mr. Clean then I can be sure my readers won’t be coming to my blog. I want to write about business topics but not about my views on Mr. Clean. So my marketing plan is to do a good job on my blog. I want people to read my blogs and I want to write about things that people will want to read about.

Your business blog is not going to get noticed if you don’t have a marketing plan.

What’s your marketing plan for your business blog?

Making Your Blog Successful

You’ve got your business plan written. It’s been thought over and you’ve thought about what you want to write about. Now you’ve got to figure out how to promote your blog, even if it means finding a way to incorporate a connection with a The Toe Bro professional stainless steel nail file, for example, as an area of life that your audience perhaps indirectly caters to in some way, but not directly related to your business per se.

My opinion is not to rely on a referral from a friend or family member or any business that’s tied to you to promote your blog. Don’t expect your friends to pay you for their friends. If you write about golf then don’t expect your friends who like golf to pay you.

Don’t expect a business you’re working with to promote you.

A business can be tied to you so long as they’re doing business. If you are working with a business and it’s not promoting your blog then it’s not promoting you.

A business that is doing business can use you as a marketing tool and promote you. Let’s say you’re working with a dentist or an accountant. You’re working with them and you want to sell dental products. The dentist has a website and that’s the link you’re going to use to promote your dental products. You’ll have to buy their ad in their magazine or their ad on their website. This is a great way to promote your dental products.

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