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5 Tips for Setting Realistic Life Goals

How many times have you made a new year’s resolutions? I am doubtless that some of the previous year’s recommendations were not accomplished; neither do you consider what they were, nor remember them.

The setting of goals is one task, whereas implementing them is another. You will get guidance on how to set realistic and achievable goals. So do not feel left out. Kindly read on these 5 tips for setting realistic goals.

Write Your Goals Down

Thinking about your goals is not enough. You need to write them on paper. The discipline of writing something down is the first step to make it happen. It helps you to get down to specifics.

After putting the goals in writing, keep them somewhere you can see every day, preferably at the favorite place, where you cannot miss a day without visiting. The more reminded you are of the set goals the more likely they will be worked on

Set Short Specific and Achievable Goals

However big the dream can be, it should be broken in small parts, so that you can enjoy partial achievements focusing on wholesome satisfaction. Be specific on what you want and go for it. Your focus should be on one target goal before hopping to the next. That way, you will keep frustrations at bay in the case of failure.

Strategize on Staying Accountable

It can be helpful to have someone to keep you accountable. A peer mentoring group in which you hold each other responsible will work miracles. First, there is a need to identify a particular goal and share it with your peers. Request a meeting with the group so that you can demonstrate progress towards the set goal.

Choosing someone you hold in high esteem is also a good idea. You will be more likely to do whatever it takes to reach the set goal.

The peer group will also guide and push you to work to meet a skill development goal.

Make Time for your Goals

Do not allow life to drown you to the point of neglecting obligation towards the set goals. Allocate specific time to work on those goals each day, each week, or, however, often you would like. By doing so, you are more likely to stick with them.

Evaluate your Plan

Take a look at the goals you have set for each month, is your idea feasible? You may want to shift the start or completion for some purposes so that to have realistic expectations for one month.

Revise your Plan as You Move Forward

As you progress through your program, celebrate each achieved goal. Use these goals and the satisfaction of meeting them as a mechanism to enhance your well-being and career development. You will also have to revise some goals. Have a reason for the revision, and allocate time for the new purpose.


Do not allow again a lack of planning to fail you. You now have the guidelines to propel you towards the direction of achieving your set goals. Give them a try and see whether you are going to make a difference.

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