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5 Ways to Connect with People during Social Distancing

5 Ways to Connect with People during Social Distancing

There is a difference between social distancing and social isolation. Do not be confused by the two terms. Social distance can be referred to as a way to stop or minimize the spread of and infection. The intention of taking such a step is to slow down the disease or infection which is contagious from spreading. During such a time someone is asked to stay at least one meter away from a person next to him or her. Here are ways through which you can stay informed and connect during social distancing.

Use E-mails

Use E-mails to communicate with your loved ones and friends during social distancing. Unlike writing letters and posting cards, with e-mails all you need is a phone or laptop with a good supply of internet to stay connected. E-mailing will be every handy especially where one has to send messages to his customers, clients or employees.

Communicate Via Mobile Phones

Nowadays almost everybody has access to mobile phones. These phones will help you stay connected with your friends, family members and whatever that is happening outside there. So during social distancing mobile phones come in handy. This is because during social distancing a face to face communication is not allowed.

Use Video Calls

You can connect with your loved ones and friends through video calls. Try this means to connect with your friends and loved ones during social distancing. You can get connected through video calls using laptops, computers, and phones.

Use Social Media

Nowadays many people use social media platforms to communicate and stay connected. You can share pictures, videos and even check in with your friends and relatives through social media.

Online Grouping

You can always add your friends or family members to an online group. In these groups, you can stay connected through chatting and leaving messages. Come up with a topic of interest. For example, you can discuss tips about gardening and cleaning. Other ways you can stay connected include,

  • Online ClassesDuring social distancing, many teaching institutes are closed so you ought to enroll in online classes. For example, you can enroll in an online dance or painting class just to stay connected.
  • Send Letters and Postcards – The use of letters and postcards is a good idea to stay connected and communicate with your family members and friends. You can also pop a postcard to your neighbor during social distancing time.
  • Share BooksYou can also share your books with your loved ones or neighbors. You can do this by dropping the books into your neighbor’s or friend’s letterboxes. You can also include a handwritten note just to let them know that you are thinking about them.


During social distancing, you do not have to feel bored and stay on bed all day. You can stay connected and well informed through the ideas listed above. And if you get bored, you can also enjoy digital games with your friends. All you need is a streaming service, an app or consoles then you are good to go. Involve your friends and enjoy social distancing.

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