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Goodbye plastic, hello Eco Paper Bags

Plastic bags have been around for a long time, way before the introduction of eco paper bags. The first single use plastic bag was introduced in 1965, and since has been used all around the world and then in the mid 80s, the plastic bag became the mainstream.

Of course at the time it was revolutionary, however back then awareness surrounding the environment and plastic pollution is not what it is now. Consumers are argued to have more awareness surrounding the issue of plastic pollution and the environment.

Now, let’s look at a strong solution to the plastic pollution problem. The introduction of the eco paper bag, one of the strongest contenders, is a game changer when it comes to how the bag decomposes, and the long term effect this has on the environment and landfills.

Keep reading to learn more about the paper bag.

The introduction of the paper bag 

Paper bags were actually introduced in the 1850’s, however it was limited to an envelope shape with poor durability. This is a key element that may have turned bag owners away from the paper bag, due to it’s bad useability and its likelihood to break. At the time, people may have moved towards the plastic bag which at the time was more durable than the initial paper bag. Due to the plastic bag at the time working better than the paper bag, users were more likely to choose the plastic bag over the new paper bag.

However, now eco paper bags are far more durable due to the materials used. Coming in multiple sizes, this allows the bag to be purchased and used for different reasons. For example, the bag may be used to deliver takeaways, store your grocery shopping, deliver parcels and many more.

They can come in different materials and colours, from brown paper, white paper, coloured printed paper to even cotton or canvas tote bags. This also opens up the opportunity for paper bags to be more suited to an individual’s visual taste, visually or practicality.

As well as the significant improvements surrounding material and functionality, what’s different today is the awareness surrounding plastic pollution and the environment.

Customer attitude is changing, with individuals and businesses now aiming to make conscious decisions when it comes to sustainability. For example, a takeaway delivery service may introduce their food delivered in a brown eco paper bag, over plastic bags.

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