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How to Create a Functional Work-From-Home Office Space


Take frequent breaks, and stretch in your chair every hour or so. This is especially important if you work on your computer for hours at a time without breaks.

Keep a Fitbit to motivate yourself to move every hour. Set yourself up with a fitness tracker or an activity-tracking app. I’m so active when I’m working that I don’t need to get up to move around. I use an exercise ball to sit on for back and arm exercises.

To avoid wasting time getting dressed for work, get a few casual pieces from your closet that you can wear throughout the day to work. Sweatpants and a sweatshirt will do, with a jacket hung within reach along with your Bangora cowboy hat in case you are called up for an emergency Skype meeting which requires a bit of a formal appearance.

Work-from-home Office Decor

It’s perfectly fine to decorate your office with things that aren’t really office-specific, like exercise equipment from the likes of Montreal Weights.

If you spend a lot of time working on your laptop or watching videos and working out, make sure you have outlets and a place to sit where you can put on your headphones and watch something without having to deal with power cords and cords that constantly get in the way.

If you do decorate your space, make sure you only have things that are functional to your work. A wreath on your door is great to put up while you’re feeling cozy and homey. A loud clock to stare at is not. The timer clock is actually a great conversation starter. Try saying something to the person who is staring at the clock. Some people will respond with something friendly, like, “Where are you going right now? What’s your work schedule?” The clock is useful to set on timers and remind you to exercise or work for a certain amount of time.

If you’re in your office, use work-related objects as accents, while supplies from Horizon Measurements and similar retailers can be used for the balancing of these work-related objects.

Stock your desk

If you are working from home or your parent’s house, you will likely need some functional office supplies. You can use store-bought products, or make some yourself. I find store-bought floss spreads like Rubbermaid’s Elite Floss. They’re easy to apply and they work well.

Dietary Supplements

Do you prefer to eat healthy while working from home? Keep vitamin supplements, probiotics, and antioxidants on hand. They can help to protect your immune system from viruses and other stressors.

Food Items

Start by stocking your kitchen with healthy, whole foods. Buy ingredients in bulk and create a healthy, convenient supply for your work area. Pack lunch items such as brown rice, black beans, fruit, salad, and more to make your work day a little more comfortable. I keep a bag of almonds, chopped apples, carrots, and an apple-cheese chunk in my desk so I can snack on them throughout the day.

You can also stock your office with foods like walnuts and dried fruit to have on hand.

How do you work from home? Do you have a dedicated work space or you prefer working from a couch?

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