What Is The Role Of Technology In Business?

The role of technology in business and society can be most clearly seen in the way technology expands the efficiency and reach of various forms of external and internal communication. Sales representatives and technical staff, for example, no longer need to go to an office on a regular basis to get assignments or receive assignments sent through email.

This is accomplished through the use of the Internet. Employees no longer need to spend much time hunting down an assignment on their computer and then taking it home and waiting for it to arrive. They can do this by simply entering an assignment number into a system that automatically provides the information through the email.

This same principle applies to many other businesses. If you own a retail store, a telephone book will tell you the phone number of your customer, but it will not tell you much else. A computer network does not provide you with a lot of information either. You will need to conduct some type of inquiry to make a sale. The best technology for doing this is the computer.

The computer network is also the source from which all the technology available for business is obtained. From the computers that are used to track inventory and receive orders, to the computers that generate reports and send them out through the computer network, everything depends on computers. Without these, businesses would be unable to do business. The network is designed to make this possible.

Computers allow us to communicate with each other. A common way of doing this is through text-based communication, such as voice or video. Computer software programs, such as Microsoft Office, allows us to enter text into the applications and send the information by email, text message, or fax. These are just a few examples of communication that occurs through the use of computers.

Computer software can be used in many other ways, too. Software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook allow us to perform a wide variety of functions. Computers and software also allow us to communicate with others.

Word and Excel allow us to take photos of any form and convert them to pictures using Microsoft’s Paint. This allows us to create wonderful collages and to share with family and friends. It also allows us to enter any number of data and enter it in the fields provided in Excel and have a visual representation of that data in the form of an Excel chart.

PowerPoint makes it easy for us to present information in the form of slides. We can present both text and graphics to a group of people and have the slides show the information in a manner that makes it easy for everyone to understand.

In most cases, people don’t like to read too much text, so they prefer to view images instead. This is one of the reasons that PowerPoint software and PowerPoint slides are widely used.

Technology also helps in increasing productivity. The availability of the Internet allows us to access information quickly and efficiently. Because computers and the Internet are available anywhere we may be at any time, employees and managers can easily update documents or change information quickly.

Technology also enables us to conduct business without our employees having to be physically present. Computers allow us to have an online presence. We can conduct business without even having our employees present at our desk. The computer allows us to make our emails, instant messages, and contacts available over the Internet.

Because computers and the Internet are available anytime, we can conduct business transactions through our home. We can buy products, view our credit card statements and make payments through our computers.

We can make reservations and arrange for travel within minutes through our Internet connection. There is no reason why employees would have to stand in line waiting to get into a physical store.

Using technology in business transactions also saves us money. Since the Internet is fast, it allows us to compare prices, provide accurate information, and find the lowest rates possible.

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