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What is WordPress and How Can I Find Out More About it?

WordPress is a powerful yet easy to learn application which is used in content creation and website design. This article will explore its features and how they can help us to run our businesses and social lives. There is a wordpress tutorial available online which provides an excellent practical demonstration on how to use the software. Anyone can learn the basis and then its other features can be added to our knowledge bank over time.


What is WordPress?

Released in May 2003, WordPress, an application programming interface, is a free content management system that is open-source and written in PHP. It is paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. For its operation system, the application uses Unix-like, Windows, Linux.

WordPress makes use of template system which is referred to as Themes within its software. It has a plug-in architecture. That is, a pattern of plug-in architecture consisting of two different kinds of architecture components – a core system, and plug-in modules. The application’s logic is shared between independent plug-in modules and the core system. This provides flexibility, extension, and isolation of the application’s features together with customized logic processing. These are the technical details, but it is only the software that you will need to learn. So, let us now explore the features that make it well worth learning.


Features and Uses for Business and Leisure

WordPress enables users, using plug-ins, to adopt different themes and to add multiple features to their websites. It is an invaluable product which has many uses in web design for online businesses, journalists, those in education, charities, and anyone wanting to communicate more effectively socially.

With WordPress, it is possible to sell digital and physical products and build affiliate shops, create classification pages, set-up job boards, invoice clients, start forums and incite interest in a topic, create directory websites incorporating maps, and offer support through live chat and knowledge bases. In addition, WordPress can adjust multiple sites under a single installation and be used as the framework for practically any installation.


How Can I Learn It?

The best way to learn any piece of software or application is to watch an online tutorial. This will demonstrate, through pictures, sound, and presentation, exactly the steps that you need to follow in using WordPress to the best of its capabilities. You only need to have a computer and the ability to follow a series of instructions. Computer books and manuals only tend to make sense when you are putting then into practise.

WordPress is an easy platform to start with for beginners, yet powerful enough to excite developers. It is easy to install and run with basic knowledge. To make it easy to set up, most web hosts will have auto-installers that just require a single click.

The basic skills required to use WordPress include having a knowledge of search engines such as Google. You do not need to have a knowledge of HTML or any other programming languages to code a website. Then, as with all new or existing applications yet to be learned, you can build on more basic computer knowledge and direct it in a way that becomes useful for whatever it is that you are trying to create.


To read an article which talks about the benefits of using tutorials as a way of learning, click here.


So, hopefully you now have more of an understanding of what WordPress is and what it can do for you. The top link in this article will provide a place for you to start, as it launches a tutorial that is, to my mind, easy-to-understand, jargon-free, and assists in using WordPress as an application which aids website construction.

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