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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Jet For Business or Pleasure

To hire a private jet is to experience luxury, privacy, and convenience. This article will explore all three of those in helping you make your mind up whether private jet travel is for you. If it is, then there are companies such as Jettly who are ready and able to take your booking.


Privacy, by definition, is a state in which we are not being either observed or disturbed by others. We would willingly be disturbed by the flight attendants who advise us and offer us food, depending on the class of travel, but we do not want to be disturbed by others that we do not know. No matter how tired you are, it would be difficult to get any kind rest while others are making a noise. In addition, we do not want to be observed like a fish in a goldfish bowl, thinking that others are judging us for reasons not always that clear. It can be like we have two horns on our head sometimes. All this disturbance and feeling of being on show can be avoided if a private jet is booked by yourself that only contains the passengers you know.


Private jets provide passengers with extra space and privacy to sleep in comparison to other airline flights. The longer-range jets will even allow you enough space to covert the seating into a comfortable bed. The seats onboard a private jet will be fully adjustable and made of a quality material. You could, for comparison, think of a luxury flat and those interiors when imagining the interiors that you could expect inside a private jet. Leather interiors, mahogany furniture, and gold-plated fittings, for example. You can choose your seat, whether you prefer to look down at the clouds from your left side or your right. You can admire the luxury and experience it. Wish that you had some of it back at home.


Convenience is defined as being able to go about our daily business without difficulty. In air travel, the difficulties would relate to any kind of delay experienced. There are numerous possibilities here. Your plane might be late because of bad weather or your luggage could be mislaid. A private jet is less likely to experience bad weather in being able to fly at a height greater than the large commercial airliners, which typically fly between 31,000 and 38,000 feet. In contrast, a small light aircraft can fly above the height of the clouds, not only avoiding bad weather but most other air traffic which is required to maintain its flight path. The fact that suitcases are frequently being mislaid at airports is due to the sheer number of them passing through checkout. What we do not have to accept is our suitcase being among them. Instead, we have the option of booking ourselves on a private jet so that we can have our own separate terminal where we enter the plane from. We will then not have to queue, and our luggage will remain with us. Holidays have never been so hassle-free. Air travel is the one thing that every holidaymaker will complain of, yet few of them ever contemplate private jets as the alternative.

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So, whether you are a business owner with a limited company or working for a PLC (public limited company), the initial letters that the above headings spell, or perhaps a holidaymaker or celebrity, a private jet is well worth considering. What business would want their private business ideas and strategies aired on a public plane? What celebrity would willingly want to be on show before their paid show had even started? Which holidaymakers that you asked would turn down a private jet in preference to waiting in an airport lounge?

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