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Can I Install Apps on My iPhone that are not supported by its Provider?

The drawback with many mobile phones is that you can only install on them the Apps that are available for the type of phone that you have purchased. For instance, with an Apple iPhone, you can in theory only load onto the device Apps available from their App Store. This can be quite limiting and frustrating, as no one phone will do everything that you want it to. Perhaps a friend has shown you a very useful App which you cannot have, or the other way round. However, help is at hand, because more recently hacks, such as uncover jailbreak, have been designed that will make this possible to achieve on Apple and iOS devices

What Type of Phone Do I Need to Have?

To take advantage of what is termed jailbreaking, as mentioned, you will need to have an Apple iPhone or iOS device. iOS stands for iPhone operating system and includes devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, and of course the Apple Mac, which was the first of its products to be branded with the “I”. So, having purchased one of these, there are now products out there which have been specifically designed for the purpose of making these types of devices more diverse and useful, by allowing the possibility of downloading a greater variety of software onto them that would not otherwise be possible.

What is Uncover Jailbreak?

The mobile phone solution “uncover jailbreak” is a form of hack that will allow users to remove from their device the software restrictions that have been placed upon them. This is software that blocks the freedom to download alternative Apps onto their devices, stopping mobile phone users from acquiring third-party software that is not already showing in their App Store. This solution allows for mobile phone devices to be customized to how the user wants them. Incidentally, jailbreaking of an Android device is often called rooting.

How Does It Work?

This jailbreaking solution works by modifying the phone and giving the user unrestricted access to its entire file system. Primarily, it unlocks the system that is making the device easier to use and tailoring it to the user in the way that the mobile phone provider wants it to be tailored. This lifting of the restricted access will then allow the user to make changes to their phone that are not ordinarily supported by the default state of the phone. Many users, it has to be said, are familiar with mobile phone technology and therefore have less use for a phone that is easy to use but more for one that has extra functions and capabilities than planned by the phone’s provider, who will be promoting those other features on a different model.

For more information on iOS Jailbreaking, click here. The article will explain the reasoning behind the phenomenon that is extending the uses of mobile phones beyond their marketed capabilities.


So, with such a solution available, you no longer need to worry about what Apps are available to your phone when you purchase it. You can think of its other features, such as the specifications of its camera, the size of its screen, and its interactivity with the internet, emails, and various social media platforms. As much as we like App Stores for their convenience and ease of use, we must also see their downside in that they are limiting our choice to just the App Store content and preventing us from acquiring any other Apps that might prove useful to us. That is, unless we consider a solution that can rectify this problem, such as “uncover jailbreak”.

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