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6 Thrilling Adventure Games on Android That You Ought to Try Right Away


Adventure games have their own appeal. You do not have to keep up with the intensity such as that of RPGs nor do you have to push your brain to its limits as you have to in puzzle games. Rather you embark upon different adventures that are more about the story and are perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Today, we have gathered a list of such adventure games that you can download on your Android smartphones right now. And since several of them require an internet connection to enjoy, you would want to check out the Suddenlink Internet offered in different states across the country. Simply call up the Suddenlink customer service team to acquire their full-service details, and then a subscription as well. Anyway, let us tell you about these wonderful games in a little detail:


Receiving the award for Game of the Year from TouchArcade in 2016, Crashlands is a gem of a game for adventurers all over. The game kicks off with you crashing down on a hostile planet. There, you have to first recover your cargo and simultaneously start building a base as danger lurks on every corner.

The game also takes several features from the RPG gaming genre as you would have to level up your character and tame wild creatures in hopes of defending your base and killing bad guys. Moreover, the game has more than 5000 craftable items that you can only explore once you dive into the world of Crashlands.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO instantly became a mobile gaming sensation when it launched back in the summer of 2016. The game brought an all-new mobile gaming concept where you have to play the game in the real world.

What you do is walk around in the real world while following your journey on the virtual map of the world in the app. Spread all over are different wild Pokémon that you get to battle with and capture. You can also battle with actual Pokémon trainers from across the globe, not to mention the occasional raid by Team Rocket. The game also features many Poké Stops and Pokémon Gyms where you can gather exciting items.

80 Days

Have you seen Around the World in 80 Days? No? No worries – the game tells you what the movie was all about. In short, you take on the role of 19th Century traveler Phileas Fogg’s assistant Passepartout.

The object of the game is to circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. For this, you take support from airships, trains, submarines, and mechanical camels even. In addition, you also have to keep track of your boss’s, Phileas, vitals as he becomes tired too easily. Otherwise, you risk losing the game.


In this game, you take on the role of shamed Viking Oddmar. He has been banished from his home in Valhalla. And now he must restore his honor as he embarks upon a treacherous journey to prove his worth.

Oddmar takes part in 24 physics-based levels, each bringing unique challenges to the game. Assisting Oddmar in these levels shall be several magical weapons and shields that may be accessed as he progresses gradually.

Evoland 2

What makes Evoland 2 special is its unique mix of different genres under one roof. Here, you will enjoy RPG, trading cards, 3D fighting, adventure, and several others. The game primarily takes players through different gaming eras, and each new level offers a different ambiance and gaming style for all. We won’t be lying if we say that it is not a single game but multiple rolled into one.

Sky: Children of Light

Finally, you may want to explore the delightful digital world of Sky, a kingdom filled with spirits and magical stories that take you on a journey through the clouds. In this open-world MMORPG, there is a total of 7 worlds that you may explore. Throughout which, you will also be socializing with different real players in the game that makes the experience even more entertaining.

Wrapping It Up

These are only a few adventure games that you might want to try on your Android smartphones. There are a plethora of other exciting games in genres like puzzle, strategy, fighter, and countless others that might pique your interest.

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